Light change NVIDIA’s studios launched radiation 4 Mod zngay

Light change NVIDIA’s studios launched "4" radiation MOD radiation area 4 Lightspeed studio spent 6 months time, developed this "radiation 4" MOD "refuge 1080 (Vault 1080)". The most obvious upgrade in this MOD is the volume of light, shadows and light are more soft, and joined the HBAO+ ambient light shielding. "1080" shelter lighting performance beyond the original according to NVIDIA’s description, the need to explore a dilapidated Church in the swamp in enemy "sanctuary 1080" game player who, when you enter the sanctuary, you need to decide whether to save here belief in darkness and disease shelter people. According to foreign media reports PCgamesN, this MOD game time more than an hour, the size of the entire shelter and other federal shelters almost. If you are interested in this MOD, you can find it at the following address: more相关的主题文章: