Lin Tengjiao high prices should also be a good state of mind 70% price is to the state

Lin Tengjiao: high prices to a good state of mind is given to the chairman of the state house 70% sun holding the board of directors of the Lin Tengjiao Sina Financial News by the U.S. "fortune" (Chinese Edition) organized by the Xiamen Jinyuan group hosted the sixth fortune CEO summit held in Xiamen in September 7, 2016, Yang photocontrolled shares board chairman Lin Tengjiao attended and spoke. He pointed out that real estate is closely related with everyone here, and love and hate. Love is to buy a house, 1 million of the house last year, this year turned into a wealth of growth, for those who have not bought a house is the burden of bearing the burden on the people of the year 5 million. Lin Tengjiao think, which we have to have a good attitude, which is 70% to the state. Now go so good highway, such a good airport, the country’s tax revenue is to rely on these. Real estate, like all agriculture, industry, finance, and services, is an integral part of the national economy. The conference record: Lin Tengjiao: I think he is the greatest challenge of an enterprise, you set a high goal, but your strategy is not ready, the organization is not ready, the human resource is not ready, your salary incentive system is not ready, these decide how far you can go, can be an important factor in the success of the long. Chinese ancient sages tell us, if your virtue is not enough, you want to do a great cause, you are not wise enough, but you want to heart is very big, the strength is not enough, but pick a very heavy burden, it often will have a lot of evil. So my feeling is that the biggest crisis of Chinese enterprises lies in their own. We are from the beginning of the sun is 20 years ago is a diversified, educational group, medical group, China World Trade Center group, as well as the group and real estate finance group. I think the biggest opportunity for us in the future lies in the stability and stability of our country. Secretary General of the state on G20 insisted on reform and opening up, in front of all of our enterprises will have a lot of very good opportunities. Recently, we prepared five years international team of mergers and acquisitions of Israel at the top of the insurance company in Israel, which the whole team is very good, very good. To get this chance of success, I think the key is to look at China, willing to cooperate with China, and our sunshine holding team for five years, this time to seize this opportunity, we have been successful. So the host asked the opportunity, I have any opportunity to grow a business, one is the national environment, the second is their own organization to prepare themselves, then the opportunity is a lot of. The host talked about "sunshine.", I say "sunshine collection" is my sunshine college school usually communicate with people and on the graduation ceremony, and encouraged them to their years of experience and entrepreneurial experience to share with them. But here are so many successful entrepreneurs, I think a "sunshine collection" I go to the sun a little display slight skill before an expert. Because the sun is always follow the path of diversification, it just came in the host asked about some views about real estate, I think the real estate present with everyone’s love and hate. Love is the person to buy a house相关的主题文章: