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UnCategorized As a Littleton native, I’m more than a little familiar with this great town. From the fantastic Chatfield State Park, to the wonderful .munity activities, outdoor adventures and more, I’ve called Littleton my home for my entire life. That’s one of the reasons I love helping buyers looking for Littleton homes. Over the last few years, my team and I have been helping more and more buyers purchase HUD homes in the Littleton area. We’d like to share some of the tips and suggestions that can make the process of purchasing Littleton HUD home easier for you and your family. As you begin your search of Littleton homes, many times it’s tempting to only consider those homes that look "perfect". The homes with fresh paint, new carpet and all the little extras can be very tempting to a buyer. However, if you’re willing to put in a little work on your new home, many times a little "sweat equity" can save you thousands and help you build equity in your home right away. Many of the Littleton HUD homes we’ve helped our buyers purchase looked rough and scared quite a few buyers off. Some buyers didn’t want to do the work and others thought they couldn’t manage the cash flow of paying for carpet, paint etc. But if you educate yourself, some of these rough looking Littleton homes can have thousands of dollars of easy equity for you. While many of the Littleton HUD homes that have hit the market over the past few months have needed severe rehab work, many have needed nothing more than some paint, carpet and a few basic repairs. These Littleton homes can be a great investment for homeowners and even if you don’t have the cash available to pay for repairs, there are ways to finance your repairs in your loan. There is an FHA loan available called a 203k mortgage that allows buyers to finance not only the cost of their home purchase, but also the repairs necessary to fix it up. These repairs do not have to be .pleted by a contractor unless the work itself requires a license. So, if all a home needs is paint and basic repairs, many homeowners can finance the extra funds needed for these repairs and there is no need to use any of your cash reserves. Once buyers are educated on the opportunities available for Littleton HUD homes, we find that their willingness to expand their search of potential Littleton homes broadens considerably. However, being willing to purchase a Littleton HUD home still means you need to place and win the bid. How to Find Littleton HUD Homes and Place a Winning Bid: 1.) Get Pre-Qualified: This should go without saying, but some buyers still call us thinking that they don’t need to talk to a lender until after their have a contract on a home, In truth, no seller – including HUD – will accept an offer from an unqualified buyer. 2.) Get Daily Alerts: The best Littleton Homes are still moving quickly – especially Littleton HUD homes. You need to find out about all new listings the day they .e out so you don’t risk losing out on the best deals. If you’re not working with an agent that can set you up on an automated alert, find a new agent. 3.) Prepare to Bid Higher than the List Price: This is especially true for Littleton HUD homes. If the home is a great deal, many of the best HUD homes are getting into bidding wars. Prepare to bid a percent or two above the list price and make sure your agent stays on top of the entire bid process so you can get in any bid adjustments on time. When searching for Littleton Homes, don’t be afraid to consider HUD homes. Sometimes Littleton HUD homes that look rough can be the best investment you can make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: