Liu Wenbai dew is stylish underwear shirt who cannot play a sexy!

Liu Wenbai dew is stylish underwear shirt who cannot play a sexy! Big cousin recently photographed is very high, this not, yesterday "Forbes supermodel list" published by Liu Wen, earning $8 million a year before the ten successful candidates. Clothing products high and many gold "big cousin" can make people convinced the capital! Liu Wen has always been accompanied by a simple atmosphere of the wind, sometimes sexy, sometimes small fresh. Play the sister has just been cousin’s new white shirt LOOK stunning, simple white shirt waist maxi dress collocation bright surface, on a pair of red high heels, collocation atmosphere. A careful look at the Liu Wenbai front shirt is stuffed into the skirts, pull out the little details behind, enough to see the cousin’s fashionable skill oh. Design of deep V with indistinct black underwear, who said a cannot be sexy, this simple collocation is very sultry. Liu Wen’s love for the shirt is almost impossible to describe, and this is what you’re gonna do. Just sitting is large, this stylish sense is not SEI. White shirt + black half skirt, classic black and white collocation, the choice of the side of the big wave hair, thick woman. White shirt collocation skirt boots, with slender long legs, a modern girl walking leisurely. Liu Wen Airport LOOK, white shirt + jeans button front retro skirt foot, white shoes, casual and fashionable. Is this LOOK really big cousin smiles it, braids, nine pants, white shirt, flip flops, high cold model usually in people’s eyes, immediately close a sense of intimacy, like riding in the fields of girls. Big cousin small fresh dress is beautiful!相关的主题文章: