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Five rocket engine was 4 times the test failure which also explode 1 times – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua news agency in Hainan on 3 November, Wenchang: Thunder, long five cupola! Concentrated China the highest level of maximum thrust of rocket development a new generation of carrier rocket Long March five Chinese tonight from Wenchang spaceport to shake off. As a milestone project of China’s launch vehicle upgrading, the engineering technology span, the difficulty of the research and the scale of mission implementation of the long march five are the most important in the history of China’s launch vehicle. Ten years grinding an arrow". Only from 2006 the official project started, there are tens of thousands of people involved in the development of the long march five, conducted thousands of tests. The long march five demonstration and research, it will start from thirty years ago. "Domestic + foreign trend of" Long March family needs to be "big" the successful launch in 1970 the long march rocket since the Chinese rocket technology from scratch, forming ability is low, medium and high emission of different types of spacecraft. However, due to China’s railway transportation restrictions, active carrier rocket maximum diameter of only 3.35 meters, China’s long march rocket geostationary transfer orbit carrying capacity maximum can only reach 5 tons, with the international mainstream level carrying capacity of 12 tons compared to the gap, restricting China’s space technology development. At that time, the manned space flight project is still in the demonstration phase, according to the carrying capacity of our country at that time, unable to meet the needs of the future construction of the space station." Aerospace Science and technology group a long march five rocket commander Wang Jue said that the development of domestic major projects need to be driven directly China development of large launch vehicles. At the end of 1980s, with the deepening of human exploration of the universe, the world’s major space powers have launched a new generation of large launch vehicles, such as the United States and the delta 4 cosmic God 5, Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket, the use of 5 meters in diameter, less series, comprehensive carrying capacity beyond our active rocket. Countries to develop a new generation of rockets, one is to improve the environmental protection through cleaner, two is to improve the carrying capacity, enhance the ability to enter the space and commercial competitiveness." Wang Jue said. In need of major engineering projects, and the development trend of various countries, to create a "big" rocket is very urgent. In 1986, under the support of the National 863 program, China began to demonstrate the development of a new generation of launch vehicles. In 1995, the launch of a new generation of rocket schemes and two kinds of liquid oxygen kerosene and hydrogen oxygen rocket engine thrust key technology research in china. In 2000, developed the 120 ton liquid oxygen kerosene engine project. In 2001, 50 tons of liquid rocket engine development project. In 2006, the State Council officially approved the development of a new generation of carrier rocket Long March five basic project, from the beginning of 10 years of tough tempered. A new breakthrough ten years grinding a arrow to achieve the ability to carry out the development of the rocket, must adopt a new technology. Compared to the new rocket research and development in the past about 30% of the proportion of new technologies, the long march five can say"相关的主题文章: