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Long Masukura start! U.S. dollar high gold stocks continue to rebound rebound exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy the fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! International spot gold on Thursday (October 13th) stabilized rebound, intraday breakthrough 1261 yuan mark. The dollar fell from a seven month high, a correction to make gold casting bottom steadily. China trade data far less than expected to push high market hedging demand, the world’s largest gold ETF fund this week for the first time Masukura gold. Gold on Thursday morning Asian market open short fell $1255.46 an ounce after, recorded an intraday low of $1249.71 an ounce after the shock upstream, out of a small market, recorded an intraday high of $1261.78 an ounce and then dial down the trend. The European market gold price fluctuation, the United States, the battle for intensity has increased, but still the whole turntable, end to close at $1257.49 an ounce, up 0.3%. Last week, gold fell nearly $70 after bottoming signs appear for three consecutive days this week after a rebound. Investors are concerned that, on Thursday the world’s largest gold ETF holdings of 2.67 tons of gold, which is the first time since the gold price stabilized this week, the fund holdings. In addition, China’s poor trade data triggered a sell-off in global stock markets. In September Chinese fell to the maximum of 7 months, the RMB continued to fall after the festival is approaching 6.73. Risk aversion makes gold rally support. Wall Street investment bank UBS believes that as long as the Fed does not raise interest rates in the short term, then the price of gold will be strong. Gold is expected to rise from 7% to $1350 to $12 in 6 months. But if interest rates rise, investors lose interest in gold. UBS predicts gold is likely to fall to an ounce of $1225 in the next three months. On Friday, investors may be concerned about Fed chairman Yellen’s speech at the fed in Boston. As well as China’s September CPI, US retail data for September. Fundamentals of favorable factors: 1 Chinese customs according to a report released on Thursday, September China continued weakness in external demand, foreign trade shrinking, and far lower than expected. Despite the devaluation, but exports (in Yuan) fell 5.6%, the biggest decline since February. In dollar terms, China’s exports in September year on year (in dollar terms) -10%, expected -3.3%, the former value of -2.8%. 2 the Federal Reserve (FED) on Tuesday (October 11th) data show that in September the United States employment market situation index (LMCI) accident was recorded in the -2.2, the expected value of 1.5, from the previous value of -0.7 for -1.3. After the data were released, gold and silver rose short, the dollar fell. Barclays Capital analyst said: LMCI data statistics using a dynamic model consisting of 19 indicators of the labor market, the Fed is used to assess the overall employment index. The data released by the Federal Reserve reflect only a single month’s change, so we can understand the performance of the labor market by comparing the data with the overall economic development cycle." 3 weeks theory相关的主题文章: