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Longevity family six brothers add up to nearly 500 year old family 100 (Figure) – Beijing Xu Jia Liu brothers (Photo by Xu Yu) Sichuan Bazhong news network October 9th news (reporter Yu Kaiyang) the morning of October 9th, a 93 year old who lives in Bazhong City, grace Yang District Sanhe Town Lotus Temple Village of Xu Rongchang has been up. Today Xu Rongchang specially from the bottom pulls out the child before buying new clothes to wear to him, after breakfast, he sat alone in front of the courtyard, but eyes have been staring at the direction of the village, because he was in such a special group of people — his five younger brother. It is reported that Xu Rongchang six brothers average age of 82 years, the age of the total sum of the age of 492. Xu family members, currently a total of more than and 100 people and five generations. Six elderly people are alive and so old, this is indeed rare in the local area, such a large family, the same amazing. It is understood that the six old people are old 93 year old Xu Rongchang, Dick Xu Yuanchang is 87 years old, 83 years old Xu Youchang four, five Xu Xingchang 78 years old, Xu Xuechang is 77 years old, the youngest 74 years old Xu Baochang. About six elderly longevity, five Xu Xuechang’s son Xu Yu told the Sichuan news network reporter: hardworking, thrifty and contentment. "We are in the local surname Xu Jia, our ancestors had to leave Zuxun: my surname with the neighbors, benevolent, and don’t cheat, poor tongren…… Initiative between the family and the family harmony, regardless of personal gains and losses. Six old man is a benevolent and kind countenance and being nice to people." It is reported that, at present the six health of the elderly, do some simple work, in addition to old Xu Youchang lived in the town of Bazhong, the other five brothers live in the hometown of Sanhe field, usually rely on farming for a living. Good home air, used here for decades, we are still active, but also kind of crops, good health, it will give the children a little trouble." He said Xu Xuechang. In addition to a good attitude, proper exercise, a healthy diet is one of the secrets of longevity. But Alex brothers diet in the words of Xu Yu only four words — "homely fare". Xu Yu said: "the old thrifty, simple life, is an optimistic and positive attitude, good habits, perhaps it is these, they have a healthy life today."相关的主题文章: