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"Loyalty for male" borrowed $2000 to the murderer jailed for seven months Herald News (reporter correspondent Chen Jie Haifa Xuan) due to borrow $2000 to murder, he was sentenced to seven months for the crime of harboring. Yesterday, Haicang District Court issued such criminal cases. Zhao, 28 years old this year, junior high school culture, working in Xiamen, once because of the crime of seizing by a foreign court sentenced to punishment. Last March 31st 21 PM, Zhang (handled separately) for lending disputes with Xiao Cai occurred in Haicang alley dispute. Dispute among them, Zhang holding a fruit knife stabbed Xiao Cai, CAI was sent to hospital after the rescue invalid death. After the incident, Zhang by phone to a friend Zhao for help. Zhang specifically told Zhao said: I stabbed people." Subsequently, Zhang Zhao to borrow money. While Zhao bold, he stabbed people in knowing that Zhang’s case is still "loyalty", to provide 2000 yuan to help Zhang escape. In August 3rd last year, Zhao received a telephone call to the police, the initiative to the public security organs for investigation, truthfully confessed to the facts of the crime. Recently, Haicang court verdict, Zhao identified crime and knowingly provide property to help them escape, his behavior constituted the crime of harboring. Because he has a criminal record, can be given a heavier punishment. As a result, he was sentenced to seven months in prison. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章: