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Lu Jun: gold We want you ready to break! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Lu Jun: Gold ready to break through Beijing time on October 28th (Friday) overnight North American session in October 22nd when the U.S. weekly jobless claims slightly better than the market expected, but the data for 86 weeks in 300 thousand below; at the same time the United States announced in September durable goods orders are recorded to feel negative. Unexpected market. The monthly rate of durable goods orders recorded the biggest decline since February, after 3 months, suggesting that the economic outlook may not be too optimistic. Affected by this, the three major U.S. stock indexes were down, but the dollar index has relatively strong performance, which makes the foreign exchange market of non US currencies suffered pressure drop; gold and silver showed down trend, but the overall closed up. The focus of attention in the three quarter of the United States in the first quarter GDP rate of interest rate, which will take the fed to raise interest rates play a guiding role, it goes without saying that this will cause greater volatility in the market. Beijing time on October 28th (Friday) overnight out of gold Chonggao down slightly to close up the market, the international price of gold before the Asian city in early trading day lows to support a rally in the market correction, in Europe after the opening of the continuation of the disk trend, and the trend is accelerating. The beauty of the disc opening after the price of gold quickly pulled up an intraday high of $1272 an ounce line, but the strong market did not continue to fall again in the fast correction, stabilize the hit $1266 ounce line after the rebound, the final stop on the $1270 ounce line, late to close at $1268 an ounce line, line to close out a long shadow on the hammer line (line). The daily price level based on short-term average upward, the price shock to maintain the overall operation in the range of 1260-1276. From the daily level this week running characteristics of yin and Yang K-line alternately staged, so that if today there may be a K line, of course, can not look at the issue is so simple. Return to the market itself, the price of gold out of the overnight market finished lower in early trading, is relying on the day before the lows as support rally the market correction, matching period in Europe although the continuation of the Asian session rebound rhythm, but the intensity is slightly weaker than the morning, which is destined to the beauty market cannot get strong breakthrough. We generally see Europe is very important, because in general follow directly to impact on the plate. From the results of the operation, the price of gold is still above the $1270 ounce face pressure on profit margins, while the lower part of the $1260 ounce area is more than a single short-term ambush area. Then the short-term operation is in the range of buy low sell high position, following the breakthrough. In summary, the short-term price of gold still remain volatile in the district between the operation within days of the market to continue to shock correction, the operation still can take the high buy low sell strategy. And according to the overnight rebound after the fall and four hours running pattern of the rebound, the early morning activists can do more short-term in the vicinity of 1266-67, stop loss theory相关的主题文章: