Lu Min released Mengniu president or to boost milk business zhuxianduowan

Lu Min released as president of Mengniu milk business or to boost the reporter Liu Chengkun Beijing reported the evening of 15 September, Mengniu Dairy (02319.HK) announced by COFCO group recommendation, approved by the board of directors, from now on the appointment of Mr. Lu Minfang as president of Mengniu dairy. Lu Minfang the former president of Mengniu holding Ashley group. In addition Ashley, Mr. Lu has worked in a number of well-known multinational companies, including Danone as greater china chairman early life nutrition company positions, and in the U.S. General Electric and Johnson (China) held a management position. In the past 25 years of his career, he has accumulated a wealth of FMCG and dairy management experience. The food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng told "Chinese business newspaper" reporter: "Lu Minfang in the Danone and other world top 500 enterprises have rich working experience, have many years of work experience in the dairy industry. Infant milk powder has a very strong business ability, the future of milk powder in milk prices occupy a very critical position, if the milk powder plate can grow, Mengniu has a great help to improve performance. After Lu Minfang took office, may be concentrating on milk business." Mengniu suddenly Huanshuai to reporters said in a release, miss Sun Yiping due to personal occupation development needs, to the board of directors resigned, the board of directors accepted her resignation. Mengniu side, told reporters that the efforts and contributions made during the tenure of President Sun Yiping, the board gave full recognition and appreciation. Over the past four years, Sun Yiping led the team to continue to promote the "internationalization of Mengniu, + digital" strategy, focusing on creating the star brand, focus on improving product quality, liquid milk and yogurt market share continue to maintain the industry first. The board of directors has given full recognition and appreciation for the efforts and contributions made by President Sun Yiping during his tenure as president. Sun Yiping in April 2012 as Mengniu president. According to the general statement, Mr Sun Yiping has been appointed head of COFCO before he, after Niu Gensheng and Yang Wenjun, served as the third president of mengniu. Although the announcement that Sun Yiping outgoing personal reasons, but the industry interpreted, because of the leadership of Sun Yiping, Mengniu and Erie gap is relatively large. Sun Yiping took over at the beginning of 2011, Mengniu revenues of 37 billion 400 million yuan, in 2015 operating income reached 49 billion yuan, a relatively large increase, but with the Erie gap is also growing, in 2011, Yili revenue was 37 billion 450 million yuan, two is not much difference between, Yili pure profit of 1 billion 809 million yuan, net profit of 1 billion 589 million yuan of Mongolian Cattle, but the first half of 2016 Mengniu, sales in the first half of 27 billion 260 million yuan, net profit of 1 billion 77 million yuan, while the queen in the first half of this year sales of 29 billion 926 million yuan, net profit of 3 billion 211 million yuan, the gap between the two is obvious. Mengniu told reporters that at present, China’s dairy industry is indeed facing excess milk, weak consumption and other challenges. The directors believe that Mengniu, Mengniu in China market still has great potential for development, under the leadership of Mr. Lu Minfang, Mengniu will continue to focus on quality and innovation, enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, to further strengthen the channel theory相关的主题文章: