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Home-Improvement David Pinsley has over 40 years of full-time experience in the general contracting field, covering all aspects of construction with a specialty in kitchens and baths. He is now a part of First Rate Renovations, Inc. and Cultured Marble Products in San Leandro, California, serving the Bay Area. According to him, switching from an electric stove to a gas stove is a good idea, but make sure you have the proper ducting. When it .es to their stoves, many people these days are realizing the benefit of switching from electric to gas. If you have to spend all day slaving over a hot stove, or even a few hours slaving over one, then its a good idea to make it gas. If you like to cook, gas is the best way to go. You have much more control over the heat, and your food will be enjoyed as never before. Youll find it easier to prepare your favorite dishes, and your overall kitchen experience will no doubt be more pleasant. Ductless Hood vs. Gas Stove Hood If your hood does not penetrate the roof or walls, you have a ductless hood, which is .mon when it .es to electric range installations. These types of ductless hoods use a charcoal filter to filter out cooking odors, and re-circulate the air back to the house. On the other hand, your new gas stove hood should be a minimum of 500 cfm, and its important that it is ducted to the outside of your house. The reason for this is simple: When you burn gas, it gives off carbon monoxide, so you want to ensure that all fumes are removed from the area. I re.mend getting a carbon monoxide alarm. Every year the newspaper has stories of people who died or became seriously ill due to carbon monoxide poisoning. A simple alarm is all you need to make things safe for you and your family. Get Gas in Enough Volume In addition, you also want to be able to get gas to the location in enough volume to allow all your gas appliances to burn economically and efficiently. Dont just assume you can tap your gas line into another gas appliance such as the water heater or the furnace. To make sure you have the proper-sized piping needed to run your gas system, you need to get your system checked by a qualified individual or .pany. In some cases, you may have to run the line clear back to the meter. This is because gas operates at a low pressure, so it must have volume. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: