Man on the bus driver to catch 200 meters away lewd women to press down t6670

Man on the bus driver to catch 200 meters away lewd women to press down "thank you so much for the kind driver." Yesterday (November 10th) morning 9 pm, a 246 bus in the Guangzhou Baiyun District hundred foot bridge road, the car of a middle-aged man with arms and legs rub arm neighbor lady and other passengers, provocative words. When the female passenger Kaiyou "complain to the driver and the alarm, the man rushed forward and kicked a female passenger foot, then ran to the rear of the car window to escape. The bus driver immediately get off to intercept, although the fist was the man against the wounded, but still Kuangzhui 200 meters, culminating in the enthusiastic passers-by with the help of the man forced back to the car, then handed over to the police. In the morning, driving by Yang the driver of the 246 bus bound for Taihe terminus from the zoo station. When the vehicle traveling to Baiyun District hundred foot bridge section, the bus came out after the quarrel, followed by a female passenger ran to the driver’s seat next to the master complained that she was harassed. The party had lady (of surname) she said, sitting on a bus in the last row of the window seat at that time, the taxi companies to 100 foot bridge near the station, a woman was sitting next to the car, sat a man of about 40 years old, wearing a striped short sleeved jacket men. The man sat next to the lady did not how long, rub her arm with ms.. She said, this man a hand pretending to read a newspaper, the other arm unnoticed to get himself, touched her arms and legs. Ms. rushed hastily restrained him, but the man even more loudly, the other passengers during the provocation to the other side. Ms. Zeng said they worry about each other to make excessive behavior, just want to stay away from him, but just went to the hallway, he was the man kick, almost fell to the ground. She hurried to the front to help the driver, the driver then stop immediately understand the situation, did not expect the man to follow the front pointing to Ms. Zhang called, "I was immediately with mobile phone alarm, after he saw also hard to kick my leg kick." Ms. Zeng said, now think of it a bit afraid, this man undaunted, also want to beat her, but the master Yang He cling. According to Yang introduction, when he rushed to catch locked the door, going to the police arrived at the scene, did not expect the man in front of a "wild" after the car actually went to open the window jumping to escape. "I got out of the car and pulled him, and he punched me in the face and bled my mouth. Yang said the master, "the man fought back after the rush to escape, he followed, a passing young man after seeing this also help chase, two people after more than 200 meters after successfully stopped the way forces subdued the man on the ground, then took him back to the bus. Not long after, the police rushed to the scene, the man back to the police station investigation. Currently, the incident is still pending further investigation by the police. (Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Yimin) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: