Many women express bacterium mouth tear express mouth – festering Beijing

Many women express bacterium "mouth tear express" Beijing after festering in the mouth – to receive a courier sticky hand ash? You may have received an unhealthy courier package! Reporter survey found that the market most of all kinds of courier packaging plastic bags toxic potential, due to the use of back material production, may be a large number of residual harmful substances. But due to the various aspects of micro business, electricity providers, logistics companies and other layers of compression cost, makes it more and more common health package. Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Ranran express parcel of the correct way to open the 1 old newspapers or other papers on the table, express on it. 2 with scissors or paper cutting scissors tape, open the packaging, remove the express, the best to wear gloves. 3 wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer, and then enjoy the goods. 4 after the package is opened, the package should be cleaned in time or in a reasonable manner, not to be stored around the desk or at home. The case of "mouth tear express" mouth "original" festering mouth tear really may express "." The Wang Youbo report said, a woman in Xiamen, with the teeth to tear unarmed courier bags, not only out of the mouth of red knots, and later, pus fester, Department of Dermatology doctor excluded the possibilities, judge she may be caused by allergies when the express package mouth tear. The reporter interviewed found that some people and appeared "rash" express bag after, some people open the courier bags immediately after being stimulated the smell of smoked up, most people often find courier bags dirty, above a layer of ash, but also the smell. A doctor in the Department of respiration the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, told reporters that the Department of respiration almost every day and express due to allergies, sneezing, and vomiting were more than tears, and this summer just past due to direct contact and express bag mouth allergy particularly, some even require hospitalization: "buy now roll all the toilet paper to express online shopping, with more and more widespread, waste and pollution resulting in people at home every day" go ". Many people are only interested in receiving express courier, but completely ignored the hands of a source of pollution." Visit the heavy ten grams of U disk packing after super weight 26 times in Tianhe District, a courier network, the reporter saw, even if a U disk is similar to ordinary small pieces express to "three layer three layer" strict packaging, packaging the express heavier than the real thing. The courier will U disk into a small box, with bubble film, soft paper recycling into the space, then a circle around the carton on the transparent glue. This is not the end, although has been completed with a transparent plastic package, but the courier is still outside put on a gray plastic courier bags, plastic bags to put the courier after a few laps around the transparent plastic, is not finished until the match. Bubble film, soft recycled paper, paper box, transparent plastic, plastic bag…… Why not a more than 10 grams of U disk to pack so much? The courier told reporters, "this is too small, I used to help micro packing sunglasses, a pair of glasses to be wrapped outside the circle inside and outside packaging ten,.相关的主题文章: