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MBA examination: five pro forma awareness to help you improve your writing score for those who always melancholy and moody written narrative, careful thinking for writing essays. If it doesn’t specify the style, try to write a narrative (more easily moving). Can move people’s composition is a good composition. Note: now the community is a popular style, called "Lyric essays". This way, not as a narrative that lay out, also not as argumentative seriousness, but is situated between the two, between the lines full of feelings, such natural composition can impress the teacher. One. The first touched reader consciousness narration and argumentation have feelings inside. Want to move others, first of all to move yourself, so do not make up; try to write their own, prominent personality. If you can write their own good, or write their own love, etc.. Because in the minds of teachers, first of all you are a good man, you can write a good article. The narrative, to let others feel the beauty of life; writing essays, to let others feel the power of truth. The so-called "let others feel the beauty of life", is to write the truth and good, really good, is the so-called "beauty; let others feel the power of truth", to uphold justice, selfless, principled, bloody (see Guo Songmin "fanpaopao" article). Two. A variety of writing is not just a matter of writing. The field of writing has a theory called "double transformation theory" has three aspects: writing, consciousness and writing — from the "eyes of bamboo" the meaning of "bamboo in the chest"; "from the meaning of the bamboo chest" to the "pen of bamboo". Perception, analysis, judgment, generalization and expression (the last link). In order to improve the level of writing, it is necessary to work hard in the same time. Three. "A dish" (Art) consciousness (derived from the evaluation of Lao She’s "teahouse" of Lao She) "teahouse", both leading and supporting characters, or characters, characters, form a perfect work of art, the pink of perfection impeccable, is regarded as "a dish". Requires us to build a sense of integrity and perfection. Marking the teacher is also to this standard to judge our composition: there is a little disadvantage on losing points. Although not out of the composition, but as little as possible to lose points can be done, so all aspects (such as paragraphs do not one or two paragraphs, writing punctuation! And so on) have to be careful. Don’t write 2 or 300 words. Four. The "one-sided" consciousness against talk against reason, support said support according to the. To oppose to the contrary (to explain the reasons for opposition), to support the support in the end (explain the reasons for support). Don’t say it’s right or wrong (first, though, but later). Either support or against, the spirit of "to have to justify" eight words. Write a composition to speak in the unit is not the same, not for everything. If an article, saying both support reason, and talk about the reasons for opposition, virtually on the formation of multi center (composition of taboo). Five. The mentality of the consciousness of writing, mind should be calm and avoid extreme impulse. Kind, curious, simple. Write more positive, write more kindness, innocence, love. The phenomenon of social corruption can be written, but should pay attention to moderation相关的主题文章: