Men’s shower off 260 thousand yuan watches the property mysteriously disappeared (video) yezimei

Men take off their own bath 260 thousand yuan list, the next day property bizarre disappearance, usually in the bathroom bath, we will take off the clothes, take off some of the items worn, such as watches, rings, necklaces and the like. Mr. Li, from Jinjiang’s pool shop, took a bath in his bathroom, and he took off the articles and put them in the bathroom, but when he got these things back, he found a strange thing! That night, Mr. Li, before taking a bath at home, placed 260 thousand of the Earl’s worth watches and 5 thousand yuan rings in the bathroom. After washing, Li did not care, went to bed. On the second day at 9 a.m., Mr. Li got up and was ready to wear these items, but found that there was no shadow of the watch and ring in the bathroom. At first, he thought it was his wife who put the things away, but when he asked him, he knew his wife hadn’t taken it. It’s strange, taking a bath in your bathroom, things are missing, and it’s expensive. Not only watches, rings, Lee found that he usually less use of a car key was lost, although the car did not lose, but also suffered black hand. It looks like it’s been a thief! The owner, Mr. Lee thief, took his own car to pick things up. There’s a suitcase, there’s smoke, and some money, dollars. This is so people cannot read, put things in their own homes, these days did not seem to outsiders out, is a ghost? Jinjiang Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police Zhang Yifa, we brought the nanny back to review, but after the review, we found that the nanny is not suspected of committing crimes. The police investigated the scene, and found that the thief really came in from the outside! There are some water pipes outside Mr. Li’s villa. The thief may enter the room by climbing the water pipe through the upstairs bathroom window. Near the scene of the crime monitoring showed that four o’clock in the morning of the incident, a man took a suitcase from the scene of the crime! It seems that the man is suspected! According to the physical characteristics of the suspect and the escape route, police locked the suspect in a hotel pool store in Jinjiang. Second days after the incident, police raided the hotel, arrested the man arrested lee. Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police suspect that Zhang Yifa ring is worn on the hand, was seized on the spot to us. The suspect confessed that the watch had been sold through WeChat. Lee explained that before the arrest, he at least ten times into the victim home, stole a lot of odd things. The $260 thousand watch has been sold by WeChat and sold to a buyer in Fuzhou at a price of 50 thousand and 8. Police non-stop, rushed to Fuzhou, the courier stopped. At present, Lee has been under criminal detention on suspicion of theft. Hey, see here will make people feel scared, I said Mr. Li ah, your villa is a luxury villa, things are expensive, but can not long snacks ah! This thief has come in and out of your house dozens of times, and you didn’t know anything about it! Fortunately, he will steal something, if there are other bad heart, how terrible ah! Video: Yangzhou’s three brothers had checked 200 million luxury luxury cars, watches will be auctioned >

男子自家洗澡脱下26万元名表 隔天财物离奇失踪 通常,在浴室里洗澡,我们都会脱了衣服,脱掉身上佩戴的一些物品,比如手表、戒指、项链之类的。晋江池店的李先生这天在自家浴室洗澡,一样把这些物品就脱下来放浴室里了,可是,等他要拿回这些东西的时候,却发现了一件怪事!这天晚上,李先生在家里洗澡前,把身上价值26万的伯爵名表和5千多元的戒指就随手放在浴室里了。洗完后,李先生也没有在意,就去睡觉了。第二天早上9点多,李先生起床准备佩戴这些物品,却发现浴室里没了手表和戒指的影子。刚开始的时候,他以为是妻子把东西收起来了,可是等他一问,才知道妻子并没有拿过。这就奇怪了,在自家浴室洗澡,东西却不翼而飞,而且还是价格不菲的东西。不仅是手表戒指,李先生发现,他平时较少使用的一辆轿车的钥匙也丢了,车虽然没有丢,但也遭了黑手。看来可能是遭贼了!房主 李先生小偷他自己去车上拿东西的。有一个行李箱,还有烟,还有一些钱,美金。这就有点让人看不懂了,东西放在自家里,这几天好像没有外人进出,难道是内鬼?晋江市公安局刑侦大队民警 张益发我们就把保姆带回来审查,但经过审查之后,我们发现保姆没有作案嫌疑。民警勘察了现场,这才发现,这贼还真是从外面进来的!李先生家别墅外有一些水管,这盗贼可能就是通过攀爬水管,通过楼上的浴室窗口进入室内的。案发地附近监控显示,案发当天凌晨四点多,一名男子从案发地抱走一个行李箱!看来,这个男子的嫌疑很大!根据嫌疑男子的体貌特征和逃逸路线,民警锁定嫌疑人入住晋江池店某酒店。案发第二天,民警突袭酒店,将涉案男子李某抓获。晋江市公安局刑侦大队民警 张益发那个戒指是嫌疑人戴在手上的,就被我们当场给查扣了。嫌疑人交代那个手表已经通过微信卖掉了。李某交代,落网前,他至少进入受害人家里十次,零零星星偷了不少东西。那块价值26万元的名表已被他通过微信交易,以5万8的价格卖给福州的一个买主。民警马不停蹄,火速赶赴福州,将这件快递给拦了下来。目前,李某因涉嫌盗窃,已被刑事拘留。哎哟喂,看到这里都会让人觉得后怕,我说李先生啊,您的别墅是豪华,别墅的东西也昂贵,但是能不能长点心啊!这贼都进进出出你家十几次了,你楞是一点都没发觉!还好他也就偷点东西,要是还有其他歹心,那该多可怕呀!相关视频: 扬州富豪三兄弟赖账2亿被查 豪宅豪车名表将被拍卖 >相关的主题文章: