Microsoft announced win10 hardware conference! New surface will debut – Sohu digital incubus

Microsoft announced Win10 hardware conference! The new Surface will debut – Sohu digital today, Microsoft officially sent invitations to the media, scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th at New York (Beijing time 26 points) Win10 new conference held. From the current information, this will be a very hard activity. Foreign media generally pointed out that the protagonist is Surface, which is a new category Surface AIO (one machine) is likely to debut, with the dessert and Surface mouse, keyboard, pressure pen, etc.. In addition, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 will be landing homeopathy (before Surface responsible person said is just the news next spring), less, more concentrated in the processor, memory upgrade, do not know whether or industrial design surprises (such as more narrow frame, hinge to eliminate voids etc.). As for Lumia, what do you think, it’s dead?. And repeatedly rumored to "take over" the Surface mobile phone is also a good time to launch, but the legendary writer Mary Jo has just expressed in ZDNet, this product at the end of 2017, perhaps 2018 might.相关的主题文章: