Milan Coach Chinese Tucao weak extension consortium to check the wrong

Milan Coach: Chinese Tucao weak extension consortium to check the wrong place. Montella is now in the hands of a good player can use very limited Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 28th at 2 points and 45 points, the second round of Serie A contest, AC Milan travel to Naples to face the challenges. AC Milan conceded 2 goals down tenacious equalizer, but the last time they lost 2 balls. And in the game there are two players got a red card, Milan had 9 men. In a post match press conference, Milan’s new manager, Montella, said: "we started well and created a few chances, but Naples scored the first goal. When we are in a bad situation, we must control the mentality. This is what we need to improve in the future." When it comes to before scored gnan sent off Montella said: "sometimes players should be clever, it is a place where improvement is needed for the team." The summer transfer window is not much time left, next door neighbor international Milan has signed a 45 million euro Portuguese midfielder Joao Mario, but with a China consortium holding AC Milan in the transfer market has not what big as, which drew a very handsome Lord of discontent, Montella said "we all know the club Finance Limited, when I see the headlines this morning when I thought Chinese consortium to check to send the wrong address. On the other hand, the acquisition is completed. In a word, the transfer market is still open and we will see what happens in the next few days, something that could have happened in the end but it didn’t happen."相关的主题文章: