Ministry of finance, such as Golden Dragon Chery 5 new energy vehicles to cheat the highest amount i sexinse

The Ministry of Finance Division Jinlong Chery 5 new energy car companies cheat up highest involving 500 million for new energy vehicles outside the widely concerned defraud and seek illegal subsidies in the promotion process, the Ministry of Finance held a special inspection of vehicles to promote the application of new energy subsidies in September 8th will be the media briefing. At the meeting, the Ministry of Finance official said, the Ministry of finance to defraud and seek illegal subsidies for new energy vehicles enterprises take severe punishment measures, depending on the circumstances given different back subsidies, fined or even cancel the qualification, the central financial subsidies to cancel the vehicle production qualification punishment. At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission and other relevant ministries, the 90 major new energy automobile production enterprises conducted a special inspection, involving a total of 2013-2015 years and has been declared the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles 401 thousand vehicles, 133 thousand vehicles have been sold in the spot of new energy vehicles operating state. In the inspection found that some enterprises in violation of relevant laws and regulations are suspected of defrauding financial subsidies, some vehicles are not sold to consumers on the early reporting of subsidies, many vehicles to receive subsidies after idle. Ministry of finance, the relevant person in charge of the briefing at the exposure of 5 fraud and illegal access to new energy vehicles to subsidize bus companies list. The 5 companies are: Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co Ltd, United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd and Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd. The Ministry of Finance responsible person, GMC by fabricating false material procurement, production and sales of vehicles and other original documents and records, upload a false certificate for motor vehicle driving license, illegal way, fictional new energy automobile production and sales. While the other 4 car companies cheat fill irregularities, are not produced in advance of the vehicle for a motor vehicle driver’s license. The verification results show that the Suzhou GMC false declaration in 2015 1131 sales of new energy vehicles, involving the central financial subsidy funds of about 261 million 560 thousand yuan, the most serious plot of malicious cheat up. Suzhou Jinlong motor vehicle license in advance for the largest violations, involving 1683 vehicles, the company declared more than the central government subsidy funds of about $519 million 210 thousand. Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon, Chery Guizhou Wanda bus, Henan Shaolin bus were identified 154 vehicles, 327 vehicles, 252 vehicles were completed ahead of schedule on the card, how to declare the central financial subsidy funds were 55 million 740 thousand yuan, 98 million 100 thousand yuan and 75 million 600 thousand yuan. The Suzhou Suzhou GMC GMC malicious cheat up plot is most serious, therefore the penalty is the most severe. The Ministry of Finance decided, for all vehicles in Suzhou GMC production in 2015, the central government will not grant, and recovered 2015 year set aside all the central subsidies. In addition, the central government will cancel its eligibility for subsidies, and by the Ministry of industry to cancel its vehicle production qualification. The other 4 car companies, the Ministry of finance will recover the pre central financial subsidy funds for illegal vehicles on the card, and according to the provisions of the "financial penalties for illegal disposal regulations", according to the amount of the issue 50% fined, the abolition of the 4 companies in 2016 the central government.相关的主题文章: