More than about one hundred thousand dogs were killed in the area containing the death of the value thinkpad s230u

More than about one hundred thousand dogs died in the area containing the value of the dog is also worth the 5 – Sohu news, tied the rope did not live, my dog was poisoned." Changchun public Mr. Gao said that his dog in September 7th in the drug, it was suspected of deliberately put. Because in August 21st, there are several dogs in the district also encountered the same situation. After the death of Satsuma koutubaimo September 7th at 6 o’clock in the evening, who lives in the city Yi Zhong District 34 high Mr holding their own Samoyed downstairs garden. He tied a rope when the dog is afraid, scared the children afraid of dogs, the two is a few days ago that other dog poisoned, he was afraid of his dog eating what. "But I did not expect that my family is still in the dog strokes." Mr. Gao said, the dog does not know what to eat, koutubaimo, very manic, jumping up and down. He lived in the same building with the neighbors said Ms, Corgi died her too, this is poisoning, and according to the pet hospital doctor said, is a highly toxic. Before the dead dogs MS 5 Corgi is August 21st night walk after death ", a value of twenty thousand or thirty thousand, a dead five, the value of about one hundred thousand." Ms. Su said that the 5 dogs had pink gums and tongue later turned black, the doctor said to be poisoned to death. The home of 35 Tung Meng and his wife Ms. Dong pet is a Alaska dog, named "Simba", is the night of August 21st. On the same day at around 11 o’clock, "Simba" was released from the kennel, Mr. Meng shouted it when it is chewing something, GA Bang sound, "should be the bones, I did not seriously. But at about 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, the barking of dogs woke me and my wife." Mr. Meng said, "Simba" in the kennel jumping up and down, how to cry. Ms. Dong first react, feel the dog may be poisoned, let her husband go to the dog’s mouth water, "we put the brush car with copper faucet into its mouth, the brass bite riddled, six or seven minutes before it died." On the second day, the residents of the dog in the area found in the woods do not know who threw the ribs and chicken claws, and later check monitoring, although not clear, but you can see the dog to eat these things. Mr. Meng said, he certainly was deliberately poisoned. As for the reason, according to the analysis of the dog population, or some people do not love the dog, and the dog or which neighbors have grudges. MS in August 22 daily to the police, the police Jizhen staff came to the scene, evidence extraction carried out tests. In September 7th, after the death of Satsuma is not normal, the police came to the scene again. A person in charge of the property, they will certainly cooperate with the public security organs investigation, the future will strengthen patrols. Lawyer: intentional poisoning or sentenced Jilin jixjang lawyer Liu Haibo said, according to "Public Security Management Punishment Law" provisions of article thirtieth, the behavior of people in violation of state regulations, and provide the use and disposal of toxic and corrosive substances or infectious pathogens and other dangerous substances, more than ten days to fifteen days detention. If the perpetrator is for a specific breed of dog poisoning, intentional destruction of public or private property over.相关的主题文章: