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More than and 20 templates for the preparation of the paper will be made? More than and 20 model for the selection of anti-corrosion paper production in June 2013, the Chengdu municipal foundation for the cause of aging, Sichuan, a joint venture to set up a high law firm Sichuan wills. As Sichuan’s first official wills library, the repository is mainly for the elderly over 60 years of free will provide the service. At present has become the focus of the construction of Chengdu Tianfu for social service center public welfare projects. Sichuan wills library services team consists of 7 lawyers, 2 social workers and counselors, people’s mediators and volunteers etc.. "We prepared more than and 20 wills templates, are drafted by senior legal experts, for different needs of the testator to choose and use. At the same time to provide anti-corrosion special paper production." Tao Jianying will be responsible for the Treasury, will be unified custody in a safe bank in the city. What will make a will? Nearly 9 of the property involved in the interests of the spouses of their children to run for the past 3 years, a total of 17086 people will be consulted, make an appointment to register the person of the will, the will to develop and maintain a copy of the 5532 copies of the people’s daily life, and will be the first to make a living. Wills on the 5532 wills were analyzed, the data show that the minimum will be a taxi driver, 38 years old; the largest of the age of 92, has passed away. Chengdu is willing to distribute the property of the elderly will be distributed to the elderly, to 70 years of age to the age of the main, up to 2200 people, according to the age of 80. In the aspect of occupation, the main business of the small and medium-sized enterprises and high risk industries. Such as: airline staff, taxi drivers, etc.. Distribution of assets are mainly real estate, stocks, funds based. The beneficiary, spouses and children are the main beneficiaries, the two accounted for the total 87%. "In these wills, the estate involved is 88%." Tao Jianying said.相关的主题文章: