Moroccan Rugs- Bright And

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Bringing in a touch of ethnicity in homes is now considered fashionable and even if cannot do up your entire house in the current fashionable mode, adding a few native touches here and there is enough to brighten up the atmosphere. One of the most popular and emerging home dcor styles is the Moroccan dcor and the best way to impart it is by scattering a few of the lovely Moroccan rugs through the house. Ethnic styles have really caught on and hand-woven Moroccan rugs are a lovely way of bringing in the warmth and brightness of that country. Moroccan furnitures including tables and lanterns have be.e de rigueur in many houses. The usage of Moroccan rugs is not a new phenomenon as they have always been used in millions of homes as the easiest way of imparting some color to the home dcor. The geometric patterns of these rugs have long been popular in stylish, urbane homes and the renowned pile carpets from the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco are displayed in many famous houses. For many, on a visit to Morocco, a trip to the famous souk of Marrakech to buy Moroccan clothing or rugs is a must and they happily spend half a day haggling over the prices of carpets or clothing while sipping mint tea from one of those lovely tea glasses Moroccan. There are many types of Moroccan rugs like the Berber carpets, kilims and fez carpets. The Berber carpet is the most famous of the Moroccan rugs and is made of naturally dyed wool. The colors maybe bright or faded and the rug is normally handmade. The Berbers are an indigenous tribe of North Africa living in Morocco. The Berber carpets are unique in their designs and colors and maybe somewhat similar to those of the Native Americans. Some Berber carpets can be ancient and can cost the earth. Kilims or hanbels are the cheaper variety of Moroccan rugs and are normally made from silk or wool or a .bination of both. They are lightweight with flat weaves and the motifs are in shades of red, blue, green, white and mauve. They look beautiful and also make for great wall hangings. Fez carpets are of excellent quality boasting of very intricate patterns and are very densely knotted. These are the most expensive types of Moroccan rugs and they always .e with a tag stating their quality. The size, quality, designs and colors determine the prices of these Moroccan carpets. Moroccan rugs are a pleasant mixture of modern and ethnic styling. The warm and bright hues of these rugs can liven up any space and impart a trendy, colorful and luxurious feel to the area. With theirs striking colors and bold patterns, they make for perfect flooring accessories or as throws. Since they are handmade from wool or silk, Moroccan rugs have an inherent indigenous character and quality which makes them stand apart from other factory-made, synthetic carpets and lend a distinctive look to your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: