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Health Receiving the most effective dental care for your dental needs can only happen if you are able to .municate openly and honestly with your dentist. Make sure your dentist understands your fears and keep your medical history up to date for the office records. Once you get to know your dentist and learn to trust his ability to deliver safe and professional dental care, staying on top of your routine dental appointments will be less frightening and more relaxing. Your implant and cosmetic dentist in San Jose is specially trained to handle fearful patients and can work with you to identify the best method or treatment for reducing your dental anxiety and pain. Express Your Fears and Symptoms When you let your fear of the dentist prevent you from sharing dental pain, symptoms and concerns, your dentist won’t be able to provide the best dental care for your specific needs. If a particular procedure scares you, make sure your dentist is aware of your apprehension. He can explain the treatment, modify the procedure and even administer pain medications or relaxation techniques to help you feel more .fortable. Once your dentist recognizes your anxiety, he can create a dental plan that best suits your concerns. Share Medical History Like with any medical office, when you visit your dentist its imperative to your overall health that you reveal the most accurate and updated medical information. Your dentist will need a list of any medications you are taking, as well as any health conditions in order to provide you with the safest, most appropriate dental care. Certain heart conditions require special antibiotics before receiving dental work. And if you are allergic to any medications, your dentist will need to know which ones to avoid. Failing to provide this important medical history information to your dental professional could result in other severe health problems. Trust Your Dentist’s Expertise A lack of trust or a painful past experience is usually the primary reason that a patient experiences uneasiness before and during a dental procedure. Get to know your dentist, and with time, you’ll feel more relaxed when you have to undergo dental work. Keep in mind that your implant dentist in San Jose is the medical professional and is dedicated to providing each patient with the gentlest, most pain free dental care possible. A good dentist will provide a patient with the following in order to minimize dental fears and maximize dental health. Exhibit good .munication, patience and understanding towards dental anxiety and concern Explain the procedure so that the patient will know what to expect Give the patient the opportunity to stop the procedure at any time Review available relaxation techniques and sedatives, including anesthetic and laughing gas Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Open up to your dentist about your misgivings, share any and all medical history, and learn to trust that your dentist is highly skilled and qualified to handle all of your dental needs. Enable your dentist to understand your dental fears and problems, and you’ll feel confident that you are receiving the best dental treatment possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: