Munich security conference is now running out of the Russian Prime Minister Western manufacturing a

Munich security conference is now running out of the Russian Prime Minister: Western manufacturing a new Cold War – Sohu news Munich security conference is running 13 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Medvedev warned at the Munich security conference, the western countries to Russia unfriendly to the situation to the "new cold war". He called on the west to abandon the confrontation, and more cooperation and dialogue with Russia to jointly cope with the challenges facing the international community. It is not Medvedev’s first use of the word "new cold war" to describe the relationship between Russia and the west. In the past two years, relations between Russia and the United States led NATO have clashed sharply over issues such as the crisis in Ukraine and Syria, and the relations between the two sides have deteriorated sharply. Russian leaders have warned in many public occasions to avoid returning to the cold war era. Medvedev told the participating politicians in Munich on 13 April: "NATO continues to carry out unfriendly and opaque policies towards russia. We can boldly say, we have slipped into the new cold war." He said: "almost every day, we are either accused of creating a new terrible threat to NATO, or being accused of a threat to Europe, to the United States, or to other countries…… Sometimes I wonder if we live in 2016 or 1962." Medvedev expressed dissatisfaction with NATO’s eastward expansion and the EU’s drawing on Russia’s neighboring countries, and demanded the west to lift the economic sanctions against Russia as soon as possible. He said: "the longer the sanctions continue, the less likely European investors and suppliers will be able to keep their share of the Russian market."." Back to the main melody of Medvedev said that although Russia and the West have different history, in some problems also have different views, but the Iran nuclear talks, Paris climate conference reached the results as well as on former Syria international support group of foreign ministers will reach agreement, are the positive effects of cooperative parties. He said, "we do have different positions, but the difference is not that big. Think about 40 years ago when Europe was cut off by a wall (the Berlin wall)." Medvedev urged the west to engage in more dialogue and cooperation with Russia, including military cooperation in Syria. He said that the U.S. and Russian should contact more, "10 times a day, not much."". Earlier in the day, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said at the security conference that NATO will take a tough stance against Russia, but at the same time it will strengthen dialogue. Stoltenberg drew said sternly: "Russia is destroying the European security order. NATO does not seek confrontation, does not want to return to the cold war, and at the same time, our response must be tough." He urged western countries to develop a more constructive and cooperative relationship with russia". He said: "I strongly believe that the solution to the problem is to get another defense dialogue." According to Xinhua News Agency

慕尼黑安全会议现暗战 俄总理:西方制造新冷战-搜狐新闻  慕尼黑安全会议现暗战   俄罗斯总理梅德韦杰夫13日在出席慕尼黑安全会议时警告,西方国家对俄罗斯不友好的举动正把事态推向“新冷战”。他呼吁西方摒弃对抗,与俄方展开更多合作和对话,以共同应对国际社会当前面临的各项挑战。   重提“新冷战”   这不是梅德韦杰夫第一次使用“新冷战”一词来描述俄罗斯与西方的关系。近两年来,由于俄罗斯与以美国为首的北约就乌克兰和叙利亚危机等问题产生冲突,双方关系急剧恶化。俄罗斯领导人曾在多个公开场合警告,避免重回冷战时代。   梅德韦杰夫13日在慕尼黑告诉与会的各国政要:“北约对俄罗斯继续实行不友好和不透明的政策。我们可以斗胆这样说,我们已经滑入新冷战时期。”   他说:“几乎每天,我们要么被指控对北约制造新的可怕威胁,要么被指控对欧洲、对美国或其他国家构成威胁……有时候我不禁怀疑,我们到底是生活在2016年还是1962年。”   梅德韦杰夫对北约东扩和欧盟拉拢俄罗斯周边国家的举动表示不满,并要求西方尽快解除针对俄罗斯的经济制裁。   他说:“制裁持续的时间越长,欧洲作为投资方和供应商保住其在俄罗斯市场份额的几率越小。”   回到主旋律   梅德韦杰夫表示,虽然俄罗斯和西方有不同的发展历程,在一些问题上也有不同看法,但伊朗核谈判、巴黎气候大会达成的成果以及日前叙利亚国际支持小组外长会达成的协议,都是各方合作带来积极影响的范例。   他说:“我们的立场诚然不同,但不同之处没那么大。想想40年前,那时候欧洲被一堵墙(柏林墙)分割。”   梅德韦杰夫敦促西方和俄罗斯展开更多对话和合作,包括在叙利亚的军事合作。他说,美军和俄军应该多联系,“一天10次都不多”。   当天早些时候,北约秘书长斯托尔滕贝格在安全会议上表示,北约将对俄罗斯采取强硬立场,但同时也会加强对话。   斯托尔滕贝格话锋严厉地说:“俄罗斯正在破坏欧洲安全秩序。北约不寻求对抗,不希望重回冷战,与此同时,我们的回应必须强硬。”   他敦促西方国家与俄罗斯发展“更具建设性、更具合作的关系”。他说:“我强烈认为,问题的解决办法是一手搞防卫,另一手谈对话。”   据新华社相关的主题文章: