National Day holiday in Wuhan, there is no large range of heavy rainfall, air temperature suitable f

The National Day holiday in Wuhan not a wide range of heavy rainfall and temperature suitable for travel start tomorrow, the National Day holiday, Wuhan does not have a wide range of heavy precipitation, no obvious cold air activity, the temperature is more appropriate, on the whole we have to holiday travel. Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast that today, by weakening typhoon "catfish" trough and surface cold air influence, I still have small to moderate rain. On October 1st -2, the upper trough moving eastward, the city may be intermittent floating point rain, slippery road, air humidity, local visibility is poor, all travel please pay attention to traffic safety. The beginning of October 3rd, the altitude of northerly wind, my city in cloudy weather, the temperature gradually increased, the average temperature is between 20 and 25 DEG C, the body feeling more comfortable. However, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, please pay attention to timely add clothes. From the province wide view, two days before the holiday, there is a weak precipitation in the eastern part of the province, most of the rest of the time period is sunny to cloudy weather. Wuhan City Meteorological Observatory director Liu Huosheng said yesterday, under the city average temperature has been reduced to 22 DEG C autumn doorsill line, the average temperature is expected today and tomorrow is not higher than 22 DEG C, but on October 2nd -3, the temperature rose, the National Day holiday to autumn (for 5 consecutive days moving average temperature dropped to below 22 DEG C) is not sure. The specific weather forecast of Wuhan during the National Day — September 30th: cloudy days with small to moderate rain, northerly winds of 3, and 16 degrees -20 degrees centigrade. October 1st: cloudy with showers, northerly winds 2 to 3, 17 -21 C. October 2nd: cloudy with short-time showers, northerly winds ranging from 2 to 3, and 18 to -24 degrees centigrade. October 3rd -5: sunny to cloudy, northerly winds from 2 to 3, minimum temperature 18 -30 -20, maximum temperature 28 oc. October 6th -7: cloudy, the lowest temperature is 20, the maximum temperature is 26 -28 C. (reporter correspondent Hu Fangyu Sakura) related video Central Meteorological Observatory: National Day holiday area, the weather is better, suitable for travel

国庆长假武汉没有大范围强降水 气温适宜出游明天开始的国庆长假,武汉没有大范围强降水天气,也没有明显的冷空气活动,气温比较适宜,整体上有利于大家假期出游。昨天,武汉市气象台发布预报称,今天,受减弱登陆台风“鲇鱼”倒槽和地面冷空气共同影响,我市仍有小到中雨。10月1日-2日,受高空低槽东移影响,我市可能会断断续续飘点阵雨,道路湿滑,空气湿度大,局地能见度差,大家出行请注意交通安全。10月3日开始,受高空偏北气流控制,我市以多云天气为主,气温逐步上升,日平均气温在20℃至25℃之间,体感较为舒服。不过,早晚温差比较大,请大家注意适时增添衣物。而从全省范围看,假期前两天我省东部有弱降水,其余时间段大部分地区都是晴到多云天气。武汉市气象台台长刘火胜表示,昨天,我市平均气温已经降至22℃的入秋门槛线之下,预计今明两天的平均气温也不高于22℃,但10月2日-3日气温回升,国庆长假是否能够入秋(需连续5天滑动平均气温稳定降至22℃以下)尚不确定。国庆期间武汉具体天气预报——9月30日:阴天有小到中雨,偏北风3级,16℃-20℃。10月1日:阴天有阵雨,偏北风2到3级,17℃-21℃。10月2日:多云有短时阵雨,偏北风2到3级,18℃-24℃。10月3日-5日:晴天到多云,偏北风2到3级,最低气温18℃-20℃,最高气温28℃-30℃。10月6日-7日:多云,最低气温20℃,最高气温26℃-28℃。(记者符樱 通讯员胡芳玉)相关视频 中央气象台:国庆假日大部地区气象较好 适宜出游相关的主题文章: