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The national tourist market ahead of hot   hot city train ticket rush tickets to the travel channel — original title: national tourism market ahead of hot hot city train ticket to grab votes with the National Day golden week is approaching, even days, part of tourist hot spots during the national day of the train ticket selling tickets appear again. In new network reporter survey found that, in order to avoid domestic scenic "crowded" public "Golden Week" also appeared some changes, suburban tourism and outbound tourism, the peak travel is becoming the new darling of Golden Week tourism market. Part National Day ticket sale recovery hot rush tickets to "city" train diagram adjustment, suspend the sale, not long ago, appeared in 12306 on the website. Such a message plagued many of the passengers, the passengers had to buy tickets during the national day. The reason is that, in order to meet the official opening of Zheng Xu high-speed railway, the railway sector plans to conduct a new round of large-scale adjustment on the 10 day of this month. Prior to a lot of places EMU trains affected by the adjustment of the pre-sale time, the original 60 days of pre-sale period is shortened to more than and 20 days. However, part of the line from September 5th to resume the sale of pre-sale tickets within 60 days, of which, the National Day holiday tickets are also included. 12306 customer service staff told reporters, at present, most tickets are to resume sales, but there are still some trips still suspend the sale. Washington reporter noted that, with the majority of the National Day holiday train tickets on sale, there are many line ticket tight, which takes Beijing as an example, during the national day, Beijing to Shenyang, Beijing to Harbin, Beijing to Zhengzhou and other trip ticket on the train are currently sold out. In addition, some short haul tickets Tickets, especially Luoyang, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other hot tourist destinations are more difficult to get a ticket situation. In the case of Luoyang, three days before the national day, the surrounding city to haul tickets Luoyang was almost swept away. To avoid domestic scenic spots "crowded" golden week outbound touted in recent years, the domestic scenic spots appeared during the golden week passenger bursting phenomenon, more and more people choose to travel during the National Day holiday. Reporters learned from a number of travel agencies, during the national day, long-term outbound travel booking is very popular, including Western Europe, the United States and other lines are very popular. official told reporters, according to the needs of the consumers, this year they launched the outbound long-term project, covering Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and many other non outbound long-term popular direction. For such products, they also provide services such as "second people enjoy half price", "price" and other concessions. "If you choose to travel during the National Day Tour, the reservation should be at least one month earlier." The person in charge said. This year, long term outbound travel or more fire, the person in charge of the analysis, the implementation of a number of multinational visa facilitation policy, coupled with the increase in direct flights and other good news, will further stimulate people’s golden week outbound travel. Judging from the current user consultation and booking situation, this year, many consumers go ahead of the National Day travel plan." In addition, the surrounding travel abroad has always been the highlight of the National Day golden week, Beijing, a travel agency staff)相关的主题文章: