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"The master" the first piece of information comes open today and negative vertical wing wing, both by wind waves. The perfect world of independent research and development, hard men of God Zhang Yixing endorsement of 3D floating Mobile Games Doo Hyun "all the largest master" the first piece of information "wing falls" officially launched today. Gorgeous wings cool debut, the long-awaited name card, play the main incoming charge dart, singled out the function optimization of welfare lot…… A series of surprises, waiting for you to play. Gorgeous wings open PK "a tiger with wings added" master "the first piece of information the most distinctive gameplay, than the" wing "system. Game player reaches a certain level, will open the "wing" gameplay. Strengthen the wing to enhance the level of the wings, wing rising star can increase the percentage of the wing has a variety of attributes; the other wing in the game, fresh and bright ice dragon wings, mighty domineering nine quiet wings and cool cool white Lingyi xuan. All kinds of style can show off everything, the main street, is the secret weapon to enhance the combat effectiveness of the game player. Cool God, without force, let game player either PK or a single copy of a tiger with wings added checkpoints.   name card on-line private custom exclusive title since the beta, "national master" of the card game player Mobile Games renamed the voice of the high. Today, the master of the whole nation, hand travel card function on the official line, say goodbye to the system random name, private custom exclusive name. Want to customize TA to catch the eye of lovers, a mad pull cool tyrant Hyun’s name, like a low-key and deep reactive name,   all is not a problem; if the main stem PK singled out to cool the game a lot of game player for PK has a special liking, "national master" Mobile Games launched a new city the essence of PK singled play, play to play the most incisive. See the city has a cool style brother Street stroll, click the role can be singled out out button, say a war on war world channel has a population of PK; bluster about frame, click on the name can be singled out of game player start button; want to challenge the list of God, click on the list can be singled out through out the game player button a counter attack of the war. Said the war on the war, PK a happy, let the players enjoy instant PK battle.   charge dart dart scramble to upgrade the war "national master" Mobile Games new charge dart game, game player to enter through the competitive module in the single charge dart map icon. For large and medium-sized Biaoche mistress, income and the time consumed by different charge dart. Charge dart activities in everyday 8:00-20:00 and 19:00-20:00 during the charge dart 3 times reward. In the process of charge dart, others may be subject to attack, attack game player can choose to enter the online PVP initiative, this battle. Rob dart game player will enter the blacklist and dart game player, game player can solve the arena scores through the blacklist.   celebrate the new piece of information, multiple surprise hot line "national master" Mobile Games to celebrate the first piece of information "wing falls" on the line, not only to optimize the function of territorial warfare, war industry and other play, and carried out a series of activities such as Mid Autumn Festival activities. Special offer thirty percent off packs ten treasure mall, even extra.相关的主题文章: