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NDRC: resolutely curb arbitrary charges Sheqi September will launch a national inspection – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, according to the NDRC website news, recently, the NDRC issued the "notice on the implementation of a nationwide inspection Sheqi charge policy". The "Circular" pointed out that the September 1st -22, the NDRC will select some provinces to carry out spot checks on the spot, found in the process of discount, engage in work, minus side by side, put out the dark tube, and other acts of violation charges, found together, exposure together, resolutely curb the behavior of arbitrary charges sheqi. The implementation of the work to further improve Sheqi pricing policy, effectively curb the behavior of arbitrary charges, effectively reducing the transaction cost of system, power supply side structural reform, development and Reform Commission decided to carry out a nationwide Sheqi pricing policy implementation supervision. The "Circular", focus on outstanding problems in the implementation of policies on charges related to enterprises, in accordance with the full coverage, do not stay dead, the principle of strict standards, synchronous rectification, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council explicitly requested key charge since 2015, and the national development and Reform Commission and the provincial department in charge of price lead or participate in various charges related enterprises policy the issuing and implementation of supervision and inspection, to effectively solve the problem of policy implementation is not in place, the effect is not obvious, completely open up the implementation of the policy of "last kilometer", to ensure the national Sheqi pricing policy into effect, has been canceled fees no longer levied, reduced fee standards in place of the relevant fees to be synchronized; Study on the matter in the post regulatory measures, the establishment of long-term supervision mechanism of charges related enterprises. The inspection include: the CPC Central Committee and the State Council focused on the deployment of charges related field standard; "the implementation of the three directory listing fee system and the implementation of administrative examination and approval; the front, relates to the market supervision and access related business service charges, other mandatory, monopoly enterprises operating service charges; the administrative organs and institutions, the government’s behalf of social organizations for administrative fees etc.. The circular pointed out that the focus of supervision includes four aspects. One is the Party Central Committee and the State Council on charges related deployment specification, "double", involving private investment, put the tube service, foreign trade, talent development, housing projects and other related charges. The two is the list of the implementation of the list of charges and the implementation of the three, the focus of the inspection fee list published, dynamic adjustment, implementation evaluation, etc.. Three is the price department charges related enterprises policies and implementation, involving management service fees, administrative fees, administrative approval pre service charges, fees and other types of associations. Four is the enterprise and society to reflect the strong other illegal charges. "Notice" clearly, August 22nd -9 month 22 days, the provincial price departments in accordance with the requirements, the implementation of the full deployment of inspection on the region Sheqi pricing policy. The inspection found problems in the process to pull out the list, set up accounts, rectification. September 1st -9 22, the development and Reform Commission will select some provinces to conduct spot checks on the spot checks found in the process of discount, engage in flexible, side by side.相关的主题文章: