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Beauty It seems that the recent trend in necklaces for the colder seasons can be summed up in just two words. Those words are "statement necklace". The necklaces that are starting to be.e popular this season are no longer the necklaces that have been confined to accessory roles but have .e out in full swing to steal the show and make their own headlines. If you are a jewellery lover you will love that this season will lend itself to expressing yourself via your well-chosen neckwear. These are just a few of the biggest trends in the 2009 winter/holiday season. The name of the game is pearls. For the fall and winter season, pearls are the biggest trend. They are big news because they are anything but demure. A typical strand that is singular and simple just won’t make the grade; what will be popular are long strands of pearls, ropes of pearls that hang as low as the waistline. It’s a very bold look and looks best when other adornments are left to the bare minimum. There are even some fashion sites going so bold as to introduce pearl necklaces for men with colors ranging from black pearls to the creamy shades. That’s definitely a surprise! Necklaces seem to take matters into their own hands and steal the show with chunky, bold beads that have a lot of personality. These necklaces look the best with clothing that is simpler and that doesn’t try to take back the attention. A knit sweater and perhaps a pair of those trendy pants with wide legs and a pair of boots can really make a great look with the right chunky necklace full of beads as an accessory. The earrings worn with something so bold should remain simple and understated. There is definitely possible jewellery overkill if you’re not too careful. Necklaces are also taking a page out of the clothing book with the popular trend of layering. When looking for necklaces to buy, try to find ones that have numerous interwoven and intertwined chains that will often incorporate some beads for an offbeat, eclectic look. For something eye-catching that really pops, try using different metals such as gold, silver and copper. These necklaces can really play up a contrasting soft winter sweater look. If you don’t want to spend money on new necklaces, remember that layering is the key and scour your jewellery box for some great chains that you can use to make your own eclectic creations. You can be a fashion plate. Celebrities wear bib necklaces for special events. These necklaces are proving to be quite popular for the season. A central strand with cascades of stones and beads hanging down in long chains resembles a waterfall in appearance. This necklace is typically worn in the evening with evening attire and makes quite a statement when worn with crystal, pearl or rhinestone accents beads. There are some magnificent vintage offerings in bib necklaces that are made with various stones, if you look at vintage clothing stores or go to estate jewellery boutiques. A strong and elegant statement awaits you in a bib necklace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: