Net sales of special offer ticket they are such deception seaway

Net sales of "special offer" ticket: they are such deception (reporter Long Chengliu correspondent Huang Caihua, Zhong Xiaoxin photo coverage) Hainan Danzhou Man Wang Mouke together with others to form a telecommunications fraud gangs, fraud by setting up a web site to sell "special offer" ticket, 137 people cheated more than 1 million 380 thousand yuan, more victims cheated amounted to nearly 200 thousand yuan. After Mouke Wang and other 10 people arrested. Yesterday morning, Dongguan City Second People’s Court on Wang Mouke 10 people suspected of fraud case for public hearing, 10 people pleaded guilty in court. The case will choose a sentencing date. Public prosecution alleges that in November last year, when he was 32 years old, Danzhou City, Hainan province Man Wang Mouke together with Lee (handled separately) to form a fraud gang. The fraud gang with network technology group, traffic group, money laundering group group, through the establishment of "special offer" ticket fraud website marketing way, posing as the ticket center customer service personnel, defrauding others ticket money and bank card deposit. Wang Mouke as the traffic group responsible person, a farm in Chengmai County in Hainan province rented a cottage as a hideout. Wang Mouke purchased a crime for computer, online banking password card tool, and through QQ, a computer technology company in Guangzhou to work, to buy Song Mouqing song micro used in crime 400 customer service phone, 170 phone card for crime. Song Mouqing, song twilight Wang Mouke for fraud, still sell to each other. Wang Mouke also has recruited a number of associates as a customer service staff responsible for answering the phone, repeatedly defraud others money. The investigation, Wang et al Mouke started committing crimes from December 23rd last year, as of March 14th this year, a total of 137 people to be deceived, of which the single cheated the highest amount of nearly 200 thousand yuan, involving a total amount of 1 million 380 thousand yuan. April 22nd this year at 4 am, the public security organs in Hainan,, Wang Mouke and other people arrested in the other 8. In May, the public security organs in Guangzhou a computer technology company Song Mouqing, song micro arrested two people. Wang Mouke confessed that he is mainly responsible for customer service, only a small part of the whole process of fraud. Network technology group to spend money on Baidu to do special ticket promotion, there are users who want to figure cheap to see, will call to order tickets, this is his fraud. He said: not many users will be fooled, the success rate is about 10%." They are: Internet Technology Group: this group is mainly responsible for the establishment of deception fraud website issued special offer ticket sales information, and through the network platform for the promotion of fraud website top, waiting for the ticket booking. The traffic group a group: responsible for customer service in the ticket booking, ticket center fraud posing as molecular customer service staff, to the ticket to the specified group of money laundering account to purchase ticket fraud. The traffic group customer service group two: in a group of accomplices fraud succeeded, two groups of friends posing as the ticket center customer service manager, on behalf of the tickets or refund the ticket card transfer to the bank operating procedures, and that the need to enter the verification code to purchase a certain amount of input in the amount of the transfer column, get tickets to a bank card deposit into the designated account. Money laundering group: through the transfer, taking the way of fraud in the account money out. Then, taking the commission.相关的主题文章: