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Never speak to send home Fu Yuanhui was "not bad money": the result is the kingly way public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Fu Yuanhui refused to do commercial endorsements respond domineering not bad money, although Fu Yuanhui did not win an Olympic champion swimmer Fu Yuanhui, but because she is optimistic and cheerful personality captured a large number of fans, popularity soared. Home for a long time, Fu Yuanhui’s popularity is no less than the gold medalist, a variety of business activities, and endorsements also come in a throng of reality. But in the face of these, Fu Ye was very calm, and no interest is become dizzy with success. It is reported that after returning home, find a lot of businesses Fu Yuanhui. Some hope to speak, and some invited her to attend the event, as well as the reality show to her out of the olive branch. It is worth mentioning that there are businesses endorsement fee has reached the level of ten million yuan. But in the face of the temptation, Fu Yuanhui is calm and domineering to the sentence "I don’t need the money". Of course, not bad money is indeed a reason, but Fu Yuanhui then said this sentence may be the most important, that is, to participate in activities or commercial endorsements can not have any impact on their training". Although Rio Olympic Games have ended, but Fu Yuanhui’s occupation career is still long, she knew that as an athlete, good performance is king. Although the hard training is the nature of the work of athletes, but Fu Yuanhui in the face of a variety of the temptation, to timely adjust their attitude, so that they return to the duty of the athletes, or very admirable. Next, Fu Yuanhui will participate in the short course World Cup, followed by winter training, I hope she can get good grades. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: