Nine brokerage queuing listed industry price earnings ratio down low pricing-vidown

The nine firms listed on the line up of the industry earnings pulled down the price, reporter Huang Lu, editor of Puhong Yi, the latest data show that 9 firms are lining up to apply for listing, while industry earnings decline or make queuing listed brokerage pricing suffered embarrassment, affect the scale of financing, but it is not enough to offset the shares of A the great attraction. According to the Commission issued the Ministry of supervision of the initial public offering of shares to apply for business situation shows that as of September 1st, a total of 9 brokerages in the queue for IPO. Among them, the Huaan Securities Commission has been approved by the Commission in April 27th this year to apply for IPO; Huaxi Securities, Dongguan securities, money and securities, securities brokerage, Thailand securities 5 brokerage has been accepted; Central China Securities is the state of the "feedback"; Zhejiang securities in "pre disclosure update"; the Milky Way securities be aborted review". 2015 brokerage industry, the overall level of profitability increased year on year, but this year affected by market factors, the results fell sharply is a foregone conclusion. For the proposed listing broker, its financing scale will be affected by cyclical fluctuations in the industry. Requirements of the Commission issued in May 2012 "on the IPO pricing related issues notice", by the board of directors of the issuer to determine the issue price earnings ratio 25% higher than the average price earnings ratio of Listed Companies in the same industry, in principle, the issuer shall provide supplementary audit by the accounting firm’s profit forecast report, and the inquiry in the announcement of profit forecast report after the declaration; the issuer has provided the profit forecast report but the rationale for the pricing is not sufficient, should be re inquiry. The majority of Listed Companies in order to market as soon as possible, will choose to issue price earnings ratio in this range. Recently, one would have been waiting for the listing broker, if it will be in accordance with the time, is expected to get approval in 1 and 2 months, and then began to issue work." Relevant person in charge of a brokerage investment bank, told reporters, according to regulations, the issue price earnings ratio should not exceed 1.25 times the current industry price earnings ratio. Data from the public can see, now the brokerage industry’s earnings last year when compared with not only the bull market is a world of difference, compared with the first half of this year has fallen sharply. China Securities Index Co data show that the end of April this year to start listing inquiry of the brokerage stocks issued its first venture, up to 22.99 times earnings, then the corresponding industry last month the average price earnings ratio of 28.14 times. As of September 6th, the industry last month, the average static price earnings ratio fell to 12.63 times. In the event of a "cut" the price earnings ratio, the second half of the year listed brokerage stocks pricing is no longer clear, which directly affect the amount of securities financing. However, this situation is not enough to obstruct the determination of its IPO. After a long wait and complex preparation, the vast majority of companies will not choose to give up A shares because of the low price of this precious’ tickets’. Even if the pricing is not satisfied, the stock price after the listing will also be very substantial, the opportunity to operate capital will be very rich. Now only "goal" is not recovered." The person in charge told reporters. This reporter has learned that, in addition to the above 9 brokerages, there are a number of brokerage firms are planning;相关的主题文章: