Ning Zetao exposure before the Olympic Games was suddenly stopped training implied or temporarily

Ning Zetao exposes the Olympics a sudden stop training implied or temporarily from the swimming pool –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on November 8th, CCTV sports channel "the sports world" column launched a series of programs of the "turning point" after the Rio Olympics, the first episode aired the show is the heroine of Ning Zetao recently in the media center. Ning Zetao recalled the difficult moments before the Olympic Games experience, the endorsement storm period, he participated in the Olympic Games the possibility of even less than 1%, and the card was degaussing, was asked to move out of the apartment. Talking about the future, "said Ning Zetao hualiyouhua, ye do not stay here, stay somewhere", only "may" in response to whether it will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, also hinted that may follow the example of Phelps, Kosuke Kitajima temporarily left the pool.   Ning Zetao swim ten years feel boring and lonely before the Olympic Games gold medal did not dare to think of this program is chosen before opening the Rio Olympic team training for the Navy, tanned Ning Zetao facing the camera lens showed his forte — magic, but ultimately ended in failure. When Ning Zetao was eight years old, his parents pushed him into the water to overcome his fear of water. At that time did not understand the swimming parents, this push put him on the world champion podium. Many people think that, as the world champion, Ning Zetao has a very rich life, Ning Zetao said: "(think about dinner, go out to play, set close to the person) there is a lot, but because I may not like the other players identity, in addition to me I was a man in the outside players, so I have to keep the troops management regulations. I have been lonely and is lonely, because you are in the pool, ten years as one day to repeat one thing, in fact, is very dull as ditch water." During the training, Ning Zetao at least every day in the swimming pool to swim 8000-12000 meters, the height of Beijing Xiangshan here is about 500, equivalent to at least a dozen every day to climb back and forth. "Of course (had to give up the idea), too many want to give up, I think that I didn’t give up family support, (Olympic gold medal) this thought, the Olympic gold medal for me is too far away, is too high to be reached this feeling, although we all have this dream, but the reality you have such practical to think, because you probably have a few pounds, you can weigh out, including my own in game projects, and he is an adult, so big also can see the truth. Reality is a cruel thing." The teacher said Ning Zetao still training peak let him spit eight times a day about 53 year old teacher, coach Brown, Navy coach and head coach Ning Zetao Yejin said: "go abroad training, coach Brown is in accordance with the plan, in this process, in advance a judge, on Ning Zetao’s ideas, requirements and objectives, I communicate with coach Brown, but coach Brown training idea, and our training idea is not the same." Ning Zetao explained: "who are we going to say, so in the game, especially in the short distance, you can not have that kind of absolute strength, long distance相关的主题文章: