Ningbo kite flying kite attracted two real Eagle works, won the National Award icesword

Ningbo Master kite kite has two real Eagle works won the national awards Duan Zhenli’s home in rural Yuyao, the vast field gave him free and abundant childhood. Like many people’s childhood, flying kites is a great fun for childhood. Maybe he liked to do it, and when other little friends stopped and stayed on the kite, he started to learn kites with the old people in the village. He clearly remembers the uncle next door is a miejiang, there is a pair of hands, will do a good job of flying a kite, every time before and after the Spring Festival, the school winter vacation, childhood Duan Zhenli will go to miejiang uncle home, pick up a few bamboo a kite. Time flies, a section of Zhenli college to become a teacher. One day in 1988, he went to Yuyao to visit the MPCSC a teacher. At that time, the teacher’s office was hanging a few kites, learned that this is the group kite team to the province to participate in the game. "I haven’t got the kite yet. I’ve done it well."……" What Duan Zhenli made no secret. Voice just fell, the teacher was excited: "you do a few to see."." On the second day, he took 3 kites to the teacher. He still remember the 3 kite "Butterfly", "Eagle" and welcome the Asian Games Panda "panpan".. Not only did the teacher leave his kite, he joined the kite team on behalf of Yuyao to compete in the province. As a result, the three kites took three first, and the first one in the national competition in second years. Make kites almost lost in 1990, some Zhenli work to Ningbo City, while the representative of Ningbo to participate in the contest, while CO promotion in Ningbo and the kite kite, a kite Ningbo children’s game, the game continues today. The current vice secretary and head coach of Ningbo Kite Association brought out more than ten provincial and national gold medals. "Beijing Sand Martin kite, board harrier of Nantong, Weifang’s leading centipede kite, fame is quite large. In Ningbo, the most famous is the clothes harrier and belly bee Harrier, scanty people can do. These are historical cultures, which need to be handed down, otherwise they will become legends." Duan Zhenli said, now Ningbo professional Kite Player of about 100 people, is a minority movement. In many people’s eyes, kite is just a small toy. In fact, it not only embodies the spirit of craftsman, but also contains Chinese traditional culture. Duan Zhenli said, such as sand swallow kite, is produced by Cao Xueqin. In the north and South China kite "Kao Gong Zhi", Cao Xueqin put a kite called "four wind kite art", namely, paste, painting, tie. Therefore, making a good kite can only be completed successfully to complete the production process. This process, although the 4 are test hands-on ability, but there are different. It Nazha, how to test material, how to set the proportion, slightly wrong proportion cannot fly kites. There are paintings, test painting ability, let the painted kite vividly. Then, like asking an eagle kite, take 60 hours, just started, many people give up halfway. Ningbo is now doing well on the traditional kite has a dozen people, including two or three people really do well, people can put the eagle kite estimation is four or five. Duan Zhenli takes out.

甬风筝达人放风筝引来两只真鹰 作品曾获全国大奖   段震利的老家在余姚农村,广袤的田野给了他自由和丰沛的童年时光。   和不少人的童年一样,放风筝是段震利童年的的一大乐趣。或许是喜欢动手的缘故,当别的小伙伴停还留在放风筝时,他已经开始和村里的老人学做风筝了。   他清楚地记得,邻家大伯是一个篾匠,有一双巧手,会做好飞的风筝,每当春节前后,学校放寒假,童年的段震利就会跑到篾匠大伯家,捡几根竹条学做风筝。   时光荏苒,转眼段震利大学毕业成为一名老师。1988年某天,他去余姚市体委看望一位老师。当时老师的办公室正挂着几只风筝,得知这是要组风筝队去省里参加比赛。   “这风筝还没我做得好呢……”心直口快的段震利毫不掩饰。话音刚落,老师兴奋了:“你做几个来看看。”   第二天,段震利便带着3个风筝交给老师。他至今都记得3个风筝是“蝴蝶”、“老鹰”以及迎亚运会的熊猫“盼盼”。。   老师不仅留下了风筝,还让他加入风筝队代表余姚去省里参加比赛。结果三个风筝就拿了三项第一,第二年参加全国比赛又获一项第一。   会做的风筝碰几近失传   1990年,段震利工作调到宁波城区后,一边代表宁波参加各项比赛,一边和风筝协在宁波推广风筝活动,开创宁波少儿风筝比赛,这项比赛一直延续至今。现任宁波市风筝协会副秘书长兼总教练,带出的学生获过十几块省、全国金牌。   “北京的沙燕风筝,南通的板鹞,潍坊的龙头蜈蚣风筝,名气都蛮大。在宁波,最有名的是衣裳鹞和肚蜂鹞,可会做的人寥寥无几。这些是历史文化,需要好好传承,否则都将成为传说。”段震利说,如今宁波专业玩风筝的人大概100来人,属小众运动。   很多人眼里风筝只是个小玩具,其实这里不仅体现工匠精神,而且还蕴含着中国传统文化。   段震利说,比如沙燕风筝,是曹雪芹制作出来的。在《南鹞北鸢考工志》中,曹雪芹把风筝制作称为“风鸢四艺”,即扎、糊、画、放。因此,制作好的风筝只有成功放飞才能算制作工艺全部完成。   这个过程中,虽然4部都考验动手能力,但各有不同。就拿扎来说,考验如何选材、如何设置比例、稍有比例不对风筝就无法飞。还有画,考验绘画能力,要让画出的风筝惟妙惟肖。再就是放,像放盘鹰风筝,得学60个小时,才算入门,很多人半途而废了。   现在宁波做传统风筝过得去的也就十几个人,其中真正做得好两三个人,能放盘鹰风筝的人估计也就四五个人。   段震利拿出一个竹编物件说,这叫“风筝碰”,俗称“送饭儿”,自动来回的叫来回碰。把蝴蝶挂在风筝线上,通过杠杆触碰,向上飞时,翅膀会自动打开,滑下来时会自动折叠。而这样的一个传统手艺,据他了解,整个浙江就两三个人会做,有些人见都没见过。相关的主题文章: