No one deep space for 50 hours to get a refund Try this method.

No one deep space for 50 hours to get a refund? Try this method of "deep space" from the sale since no one has been fraught with controversy, the $60 "independent game" is clearly not up to the game player over the years of its expectations, and the number of users in the Steam crash to some extent also reflects the true quality of the game. "No deep space" picture of the game if you buy "no deep space" after playing a few feel cheated, distressed regret how to do the 60 sword? Recently, Reddit and NeoGAF forums on the Internet users have collected on the game refund method. Whether you are in the Amazon, PSN or Steam to buy "unmanned deep space", if you encounter technical problems in the course of the game (such as games, will collapse and so on) can apply for a refund, even if you have been playing for 50 hours or more. The process of applying for a refund is very simple, with Amazon or PSN customer service chat, or send Email applications. As for Steam, we all know that the rules of G fat – when the game for more than 2 hours or buy a week after the two can not apply for a refund. But the rule is dead, G fat said, "if you in the rules, you can apply for a refund, we will take care of the customer, so if you put those reporting technical errors to the customer, still have a chance. No deep space, the game screen Amazon refund is more humane, they will be based on the situation of each user, make different decisions to meet the requirements of consumers. However, they do not accept the refund of digital games! PSN’s refund policy is more interesting, SONY has 14 days of unconditional refund mechanism, but you can not play the game, once the game started this refund mechanism does not exist. According to statistics on the forum, not all players have a refund success, after all, the reasons for each person and the results are not the same, but if you really want to retire or worth a try. In fact, the refund process and method is not limited to "no deep space", the vast majority of the game we spend $more than and 300, if not satisfied can still talk about the heart and customer service, may help you back to the blood. So the question is, "no deep space" in the end it? No deep space, the game screen, although the game has this kind of problem, but there is still true love powder players to play hard to the last, but it seems to play to the final disappointment will be magnified. A game player has achieved the "deep space" no center of the universe, what are not the result of the center, he is from a luminous point to another point of light, finally only one sentence that "you have found a new Galaxy, then a new direct Xiangluo island the planet to continue the game, similar to the two week. (source: gamersky editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: