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No snacks, no survival, pregnant women how to eat a healthy snack? Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, bred into the autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, slowly return to a comfortable number. It’s a waste of time to go out and see the world outside this time. It’s a good habit for a family, a short trip, or a picnic in the countryside. A family, in fact, can go away, but if a pregnant woman, it is not so simple. It is very important for a pregnant woman to keep fit when she is out. In addition to dinner, pregnant women should also prepare a lot of snacks, when you want to eat, you can eat a little. However, there are a lot of people have a lot of questions about pregnant women snacks. Pregnant women can eat snacks? The answer is yes, but eat selectively. If you eat figs, dates will certainly not be pulled, but if you intend to wrap spicy, it will be harmful to the baby. Go out, and the test of personal physical quality of a thing, but also, quasi mother body endurance is far lower than normal people, more likely to feel tired. A bag of snacks, to find something for themselves, but also to have a better mood. Pregnant women do not eat more than once. Whether it is dinner, or snacks, pregnant women are to adhere to the principle of eating more meals, do not eat too much at a time. After the opening of the small snacks to pay attention to shelf life, do not eat snacks for a long time. Fried, puffed snacks to eat as much as possible. Fried and puffed foods can lead to obesity in pregnant women, and will hinder the absorption of other nutrients. Pregnant women can eat snacks jujube: jujube is not only in the menstrual period to eat more, eat red dates during pregnancy is also very good. Jujube is rich in calcium, potassium, fat, protein and other nutrients. Peanuts: peanuts are rich in minerals, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, can provide amino acids and other nutrients for pregnant women. Moreover, peanuts have the ability to enhance memory and delay aging. However, it is best not to eat salt, peanuts, peanut processing is not the best choice for pregnant women. Chestnut chestnut: not only rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients, but also spleen and stomach function. Pregnant women often eat chestnuts, can strengthen the bones, is conducive to the development of skeletal bones. In addition, figs, walnuts, almonds and other pregnant women can eat snacks. Small snacks, eat out when you can eat at home. However, remember not to have been sitting at home to eat, must be appropriate. The original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, your family doctor, more parental health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], @ dove micro-blog: Doctor of child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: