North Korea’s nuclear warhead explosion test of the emergency call – Obama Park Sohu news

North Korea’s nuclear warhead explosion test of the emergency call – Obama Park Sohu news September 9th, South Korea in the Seoul train station, emergency reports of people watching South Korean media. Xinhua news agency South Korean joint chiefs said on the 9 day morning, detected 5 level by the "human factors" caused by the earthquake in the Korean Fenxi area. North Korea CCTV later confirmed that North Korea successfully conducted a nuclear warhead explosion test. This is the fifth nuclear test since 2006. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that the Chinese government firmly opposes. South Korean government issued a statement condemning North Korea’s nuclear test. Explosion equivalent to 10 thousand tons of 9 is the anniversary of the founding of the DPRK’s 68 anniversary. The local time is 9:30 Xu detected "man-made" earthquake, the epicenter is located in the North Korean nuclear test site in the Fenxi area, all the nuclear test site with North Korea since 2006 at the same area. Yonhap quoted the Joint Chiefs of staff statement reported that North Korea, South Korea initially implemented the biggest test explosion reached 10 thousand tons. At the end of the Second World War, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the equivalent of 16 thousand tons of atomic bombs in Hiroshima. To achieve a nuclear warhead design standardization KCNA later confirmed that 9 North Korean nuclear warhead explosion test success. KCNA quoted the North Korean nuclear weapons research statement reported that North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion of new nuclear warhead power analysis research in the field of nuclear test. The statement said that the test finally checked and confirmed the structure and characteristics of the standardized nuclear warhead, the warhead can be equipped with strategic ballistic missile equipped by the North Korean strategic forces, Mars Artillery Force has been equipped with rockets. The test data show that the nuclear warhead explosion power, nuclear material coefficient and other measured values are consistent with the calculated values. There was no leakage of radioactive material in the experiment. The statement said, the nuclear warhead standardization design, and fully grasp the production and the application of a variety of fissile materials, nuclear warheads in North Korea can be diversified, making small lightweight combat force more, North Korean nuclear weapons to a higher level. The statement said, the test proved the Korean people reprisal provocation determination, North Korea will become aggravated in the U.S. nuclear war threat, improve its nuclear force, to defend the national dignity and the right to life. Pu Jinhui and Obama emergency emergency call 15 minutes South Korean military officials said, Han Jun 9, 9:50 to organize and start the Department of defense and the Joint Chiefs of staff of the North Korean nuclear response team, defense minister Korea seeking also chaired a meeting to discuss countermeasures for crisis management committee. The next analysis is contained in the atmospheric xenon, krypton and nuclear matter, to determine whether North Korea detonated a bomb. Who is visiting Laos, South Korean President Park Geun hye, shorten the trip. She condemned the DPRK provocation, said South Korea will cooperate with the international community, seeking towards "more severe sanctions", "in every possible way" to put pressure on North korea. Pu Jinhui and the United States have been on the plane of the U.S. President Barack emergency call 15 minutes, minutes. Chong Wa Dae said the two sides agreed to use all possible means相关的主题文章: