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Depression He and his staff specialize in non-invasive practices that include supervised exercises, hyperbaric chambers to increase oxygen levels, electrotherapy, massage, nutritional guidance and pharmaceutical naturopathic medicines. Progressives caregivers often ask if they may pray for a patients healing and recovery. Faith is an important part of the Centers healing process. What other ailments are of concern to the Center and to Dr. Gez Agolli? CLM: You recently mentioned wanting to address the problem of ADD/HD. Would you first define that? Gez Agolli: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become an all-too-familiar medical condition affecting mostly children and adolescents. Brain cells communicate with each other using chemical neurotransmitters with messages relating to emotion, behavior, thinking, and attention. Although research is still ongoing, scientists believe that the ADHD problem lies with an unbalance or impairment of two of those transmitters. CLM: 2 Timothy 1:7 says, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (emphasis added.) That being the case, then ADD/HD is certainly not a natural state. So, what then are the probable causes of the condition? Gez Agolli: As one of our doctors noted in a recent article that an important factor to consider is food. Sensitivities to certain foods can cause symptoms of ADHD, and when that item is removed from the diet many kids show improvement. Theres also the much reported ill effects of fatty acids, but the brain and nervous system is primarily composed of fats. There must be a balance for a fatty acid deficiency in order to function properly. CLM: How would a parent know about such a deficiency? Gez Agolli: A quick way to check is to consider a few symptoms. Is the child thirsty often or does he or she urinate often? Do they have dry skin, brittle nails, dandruff or dry hair? If you answered yes to any of these, your child may need some additional fats in their diet. Fats found in meat and chicken is not the answer. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and cod liver oil is needed. Make sure the fish you select has been monitored for mercury levels, a heavy metal that can cause ADHD symptoms as well. CLM: How about the suggestion that TV and video games can be a factor? Gez Agolli: Studies have shown that playing video games for more than one hour per day can have detrimental effects on your childs health, including ADHD, especially in adolescents. The moral appears to be: moderation. The problem may lie more in lack of exercise than what is happening on the screen. The bottom line is that if a parent suspects that their child may have ADHD then they should bring them to Progressive for blood tests and possible treatment. CLM: How about the use of Ritalin, Dexedrine and similar drug therapy? Gez Agolli: Many of those drugs fall into the Schedule II category that includes cocaine, methadone and opium. My recommendation is to use natural remedies, including pharmaceutical herbal medicines as a first line solution to ADHD. CLM: You are also concerned with depression? Gez Agolli: Absolutely. Twenty-one million American adults, mostly women, suffer from a depressive illness in any given year. Thats a disorder that can impact a persons physical body, their mood and even their thoughts. Eating, sleeping, personal relationships, workliving in general can be affected by depression. What most people dont realize is that its a treatable illness. CLM: What are some of the causes of depression? Gez Agolli: Excess stress, nutritional deficiencies, too much caffeine or sugar or additives, allergies, alcohol, nicotine, environmental toxins, and even endocrine disorders in the brain and thyroid. CLM: Adjusting ones lifestyle may help, but it sounds like professional treatment is essential to achieve a normal balance. Gez Agolli: Thats true. When you feel that you or a loved one are showing signs of depression: loss of appetite, mood swings, anxiety, despair, headaches, or even entertaining thoughts of suicide, then professional help should be sought immediately. It could save literally save a life. CLM: Depression and ADHD are two huge and complex subjects. Where can our readers learn more? Gez Agolli: They can contact us by phone at (770) 676-6000 or go to our website at: .progressivemedicalcenter… We will provide them with specific information to help them recognize the symptoms of those and other illnesses. Appointments may also be made for testing and treatment if needed. Progressive Medical Centers of America work alongside of traditional medical practices to provide a .plete solution to whatever stands between them and Gods promise of health and a sound mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: