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Have excellent learning good son suddenly deteriorated, blame only when the mother do too – the Sohu mother Ms. Chen Jun | cheats has always been to his son proud son of sensible obedient, excellent grades, the grade is about 10, but also as a monitor, so good son, Chen always Ms. bragging, but do not know what time from the beginning, the son became rebellious and put on his mother’s overbearing, then do not listen, no Study hard, when the home is on the Internet playing games, or even steal money and friends go to Internet cafes, when Ms. Chen discipline, son will be fierce resistance, not only do not listen, even abusive Baoma, watching the old boy become like this today, grades plummeted, treasure the mother very sad, call it directly, to handle Sent to the correctional institution, into a good transformation. Finally, the police found 110 son talk, did not know the child is very not easy, his mother is a strong man, son of strict discipline, especially learning, grasping is very tight, not to give the son relaxing time at home does not allow his son to play computer, only learning, school tasks, and treasure the mother for his son on the outside or be careless with daily classes, ordinary holidays, do not let the children go out to play, sometimes rebellious son go to Internet cafes to play a night, the results came back by treasure mom and beat and scold, sometimes metamorphosis will be his son tied to the balcony, don’t let it go mixed. Finally, the son can not stand, the beginning of a rebellious, against the Po mom, want to live for their own chic. Our children are very hard, once a study tour in Chinese Westerners said: we are at the age of 18, will form a band, will conduct a travel, meetings with vigour and vitality of love, and Chinese child, 18 years old, in preparing for the college entrance examination. When the hard work of parents and children, sometimes very hard, the child’s academic performance is important, but the inner thoughts can not be ignored, that child was rebellious for many reasons, not a sharp direct emotional violence with violence, abuse of children, not only can not solve the problem, but let the contradiction before parent-child intensified, and children will be more when the child is rebellious, rebellious period, parents to take care of children, and children more exchanges, understand the idea of a child, then he gave the child an antidote against the disease, is too much pressure or a child in the school met unhappy things. Parents are afraid of the child’s rebellious period, but not every child will experience a rebellious period, most of the rebellious children have an excessive parent. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章: