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Careers-Employment The hiring process is not easy. There are a hundred candidates for a single job position. In the present economic scenario, more candidates are vying for attention of the HR heads of .panies. Choosing the best possible candidate for a particular job is not an easy thing to do. Traditional methods like giving recruitment advertisements in newspapers does not always work well because a newspaper has only a certain reach. Going online for the whole recruitment process is a great way of hiring staff. Online recruitment UK is a huge market. There are many sites which promise to find you the best candidate for a particular job. Subscribing to the first online recruitment site you find is not an intelligent thing to do. Instead the best site should be chosen to do the job. Falling down a hole or getting trapped by one of the number of online unscrupulous sites would be foolish. A good online recruitment site will offer you value-for-money so that you get high-quality service at the lowest possible price. You should be able to browse through the CVs of potential candidates in the .forts of your office. Besides providing you with the CVs of candidates, you can also use the many services that are offered to make the pre-selection process easier and smoother. A good low cost online recruitment site will provide you the services of a dedicated account manager who will handle all your recruitment problems. Choose a site that will offer you a flat fee recruitment plan. This means that they will give you a plan where you can have your advertisement being advertised on job boards for two weeks. Each .pany is unique and may have different requirements while selecting a candidate. A good cost-effective online recruitment site will be flexible and adaptable to your requirements and at the same time provide you the best service possible. In case a certain job description you have given has not been generating the required response, your dedicated account manager will utilize industry knowledge to .e up with alternate job titles and descriptions. All the candidates on the sites database will be informed of your job postings so that you get to choose from the best. Remember, a good online recruitment firm in the UK will not only send a lot of CVs to your inbox folder, it will send you only the relevant ones. In fact you can use it for sifting candidates by automated questions which each candidate applying for the job will be asked and psychometric tests which will allow you to understand whether a certain candidate is really suitable. The firm will work with you by arranging interviews with the candidates and also taking an active interest in salary negotiations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: