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Oracle 9 billion 300 million acquisition of NetSuite by the shareholders to support the Sohu of science and technology of Beijing on November 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the majority shareholder of NetSuite has voted to support Oracle’s purchase of the company, which is the $9 billion deal cleared the road. Prior to NetSuite’s major shareholders and corporate executives in the acquisition price of Oracle there are serious differences. Oracle said in a statement on Saturday that the deal has been approved by 53% of the voting shareholders of NetSuite, which holds shares of shareholders in favor of the stock of 21 million 780 thousand. Prior to this, holds about 18% stake in the Asset Management Co T. Rowe Price NetSuite publicly opposed the deal, said the purchase price of $109 per share to underestimate the true value of NetSuite, $133 is a fair price. An Oracle executive later said it would not change the offer of $109 per share. The decision was made by Larry, chairman of the board of directors of ·, Ellison (Larry), as well as all the shareholders and executives and directors of the company. Allison and related parties hold approximately 45% stake in NetSuite. Oracle hopes to use the acquisition of NetSuite transactions to help the company Xiang Yun service transformation, better competition with Salesforce and Microsoft and other rivals. NetSuite is one of the most modern software providers, has established a leading edge in the management of the customer’s core financial data tool market. Oracle said the deal will be completed next Monday. In the key period of the end of last month, the U.S. investment firm D.A. Davidson analyst Jack · Andrews (Jack Andrews) in an investment report, due to the acquisition of Oracle variables exist, NetSuite began to bear huge pressure. In fact, NetSuite sales in the third quarter grew by only 26%, lower than previously expected. In addition, NetSuite third quarter revenue growth is also lower than the first few quarters (revenue growth over 30%). For Oracle, the deal was made at a critical time. Xiang Yun service transformation is the core component of Oracle’s long-term growth plan, at present, more and more customers want to release software from the network, rather than install the program on their own server. Although the first quarter of Oracle cloud computing business revenue growth of 59%, but the company’s total revenue fell by 1.7%, less than previously expected. The deal was first disclosed in July this year, the media is expected to enhance Oracle’s profits. Given that Allison has a stake in NetSuite, it is not a very common type of deal. Allison was an early investor in NetSuite. NetSuite’s share price has remained at 109 for the next few weeks after a deal was announced in July.相关的主题文章: