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Panlongyunhai Ashley Wei – Beijing released a variety of new panlongyunhai group president Yu Bin introduced in the new network on 9 September, Tianma products can do? Yes, that’s right. It’s a series of skin care products. In addition, 37, Dendrobium, Dracaena, truffle, mushroom and other precious Chinese herbal medicine in Yunnan have been moved to skin care products. September 8th, a Yunnan herbal medicine as raw materials for skin care products held in Kunming. This conference, panlongyunhai Ashley Wei playing cross-border, make innovations to subvert the traditional view of the skin. The conference launched a brand can be taken orally, and topical DIY 37 mask, allowing viewers to experience a new skin care concept upgrade in tune. At the same time, in the dry winter, in the original skincare line and push the Tianma series of skin care products panlongyunhai Ashley Wei a variety of new products listed in the cosmetics, skin care brand was born in the pharmaceutical enterprises are not many, why panlongyunhai group wants to develop Ashley Wei skin care brand? Panlongyunhai group president Yu Bin said: "the establishment of Ashley Wei brand is the study of Yunnan biological resources panlongyunhai 20 years based on consumer research, the study of traditional Chinese medicine was born. She is panlongyunhai big health strategy is an important part of a further extension and development of the industrial chain is panlongyunhai. With the experience of making pharmaceutical skin care products, to manage the brand with 22 years of experience in enterprise operation and external professional skin care products, it is because of the panlongyunhai 20 years of accumulation, Ashley Wei skincare brand to plot thick and thin hair." It is understood that 2016 is the skin care products retail cold year panlongyunhai Ashley Wei why in the bad environment conditions but also a new trend? Ashley Wei general manager Zhou Jun said: "Ashley Wei is able to reason a dark horse all the way forward is the innovation of product concept innovation, product efficacy demands, in skin care products safety problems emerge in an endless stream today, a traditional Chinese medicine as the raw materials to create the skin care products, not only solves the safety problem of consumers worry and still stand on the height of human health, through the harmonic breeding scientific combination, really solve skin problems, there are such good products, Ashley Wei to upstream, way up, it is not difficult to explain."相关的主题文章: