Paris first auto show Nissan exposure a new code Chi – Sohu car Trailer

Paris first auto show Nissan exposure a new code Chi forecast map – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] recently, Nissan has released a new generation of Micra (Ma Chi) car trailer. It is reported that the new code Chi will be opened in September 29th 2016 Paris auto show debut. [a new code] appearance: a new part of Chi Chi code by Nissan family V-Motion front, the design style and the domestic blue bird and other models are similar to cima. Both sides of the black V forward air grille extend to the top of the hood until both sides of the hood. Headlights with lenses, and suspected with LED lamp belt, eyes very sharp. [a] new code Chi trailer for the car tail show less, we can see the car’s taillights from the body of a prominent, while small in size the spoiler above the rear window. The design of the rear panel on both sides of the Nissan LOGO large area space, similar to cash Qashqai models. The first line of the text above the preview video screenshot means that a change will come". In addition, according to the video, the new car will also have a variety of colors to choose from. [Sway concept car] [Sway] Nissan concept car trailer does not show the car’s interior, but the new car is expected to be from Nissan Sway concept car interior inspiration, and the use of more advanced than the current model of interior materials. It is reported that a new code Chi CMF Renault Nissan B platform to build on, and the power system is still no news, is expected to be powered by composed of small displacement naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox assembly.相关的主题文章: