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UnCategorized One of the most satisfying and exhilarating experiences you will ever have as an athlete is when you find yourself in the "zone," when your mind and body function in perfect harmony, and your every move is faultless. Even while you are enjoying this state of "flow", you know it won’t last forever. Sooner or later you will find yourself struggling once again to reach that state of peak performance, leaving you to wonder…"Where did that brilliant state of being come from?" "Where did it go?" and more importantly, "How can I get it to come back?" Believe it or not, the answer to those questions is in your head…literally. When you find yourself in the zone, your brain is absolutely focused on the present, free from all anxiety or concern about mistakes made in past performances. You might be astonished to realize how readily your mind can enter this state, and that you can train your brain to access this state at will using something called neurofeedback. Typically, people associate neurofeedback as a therapy for treating things such as attention deficit disorder, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, migraines, and so on. But few know that this therapy can also help people who want to improve their performance. Studies show that mental clarity for concentration accounts for as much as eighty percent of an athlete’s success. Most programs used to train athletes focus primarily on the physical aspect, but training the brain along with the body is becoming increasingly common. Neurofeedback therapy, in particular, has gained much attention due to the success many athletes have achieved after using this method of training. While neurofeedback has the potential to help all types of athletes, it has become an important tool especially for golfers, baseball players, soccer players, figure skaters, gymnasts, and dancers. Neurofeedback is so successful because it can, in effect, reprogram the brain to function within certain frequencies, particularly the ones that facilitate the relaxed focus and control necessary to reach peak performance. The connection between mind and body is very powerful, and when it comes to mental training, learning control is the key to success. Regardless of the brain region or frequencies that are being trained, there is also a component of relaxation involved. By allowing the brain to relax, it is feasible to train precise changes in brain state in very exact locations, and in very specific ways. The ability to easily reach your peak performance level can be valuable, not only for professional athletes, but also for teachers, theater performers, surgeons, business managers, and even parents. What if you could step into the feeling that you may have only experienced once in your life, of being a completely calm, loving, and in control parent, even when chaos was happening all around you? With neurofeedback, it’s possible. In fact, in any aspect of your life that would benefit from enhanced performance of mind and body, neurofeedback could help you achieve your goal. After several sessions of neurofeedback training, you might even be surprised to discover that you experience more restful sleep, have fewer headaches or other stress-related problems, and are generally in a better mood. The key with using neurofeedback for peak performance is that, most of the time, there was nothing wrong to begin with; you are not using neurofeedback to correct a "problem", you are only taking something that was already working well, and making it work even better! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: