Pearce number of false media reports no problem between wizards!-bleep

Pearce number of false media reports: "no problem between the Wizards! Two players can decide the future of the harmonious coexistence of the Wizards sina sports news Beijing time on October 9th, according to the" TMZ "reports, the Losangeles clippers striker Paul Pearce appeared in Losangeles, he said, and what no rift between the two headed star Washington Wizards the. Not long ago, the Wizards star John wall said there are some problems between himself and Bradley Bill: "I think we all have a lot of time there are some bad trend, we have not love each other." But Wal Mart said, as long as they can meet, at the same time to make things clear, these problems can be solved. It doesn’t seem like a big problem for Pearce, "said Pearce." they don’t get along with me. I was there." The previously reported Waldo at odds with Bill things, Pearce said he believes that these reports are not true. Pearce played for the Wizards in the 2014-15 season. For last season’s results are not ideal, in the new season, the team wants to hit the playoffs, it is essential to ensure unity between the core. (fruit)相关的主题文章: