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Perry: gold into shock, such as callback to do more first, we congratulate the documentary students in actual combat trading yesterday, and obtained the stable profit. Now we do the analysis of gold technology: yesterday, I clearly said, as long as the price of gold did not stand on the 1131, then the price of gold will end a unilateral rise into the concussion pattern, at present, the market trend is also completely validated my judgment has entered the shock pattern. In terms of Technology: 1, the average index temporarily arranged in long, but have lost the attack at 2, 1 hours of short-term trend chart, peak is gradually reduced, it shows that bulls attack strength failure 3, present in 4 hour chart, rising channel end, as long as 4 hours without trend channel destroyed, we are still dominated by the bargain. 4, because the current short cycle of lack of attack, so the market demand for callback, after callback, we still layout multiple single dominated. 5, the evening announced ADP employment data, when the price of gold will be affected, the shock intensified, need extra attention. Trading strategy: Plan: 1119 to do more, stop 5 dollars, the target is undetermined. Note: my trading ideas, trading practices with industry 80% of the people are different, because I am also a firm trader, I understand the mentality of investors, I did 19 years of trading, the market experienced a groundless talk, formed its own set of technology theory, the theory of technology I is the establishment in the firm to operate on the main techniques I have 4 kinds: "average transaction law", "resonance", "dark horse back tactics tactics", "the initiation point" theory, every one of my absolute, chasing. Pei Rui 2016-2-3 into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

裴瑞:黄金迈入震荡,等回调做多   首先,我们祝贺跟单学员,在昨日的实战交易中,又获得了稳定的利润收益。   现在我们做黄金的技术分析:   在昨天,我明确的说过,只要金价没有站上1131,那么金价将结束单边上涨,迈入震荡走势格局,目前来看,市场的走势也完全验证了我的判断–已经迈入了震荡格局。   从技术方面来讲:   1、均线指标暂时处于多头排列,但是已经失去了攻击力   2、在1小时的短期走势图上,高点正在逐步降低,说明多头攻击力度的衰竭   3、目前在4小时走势图上,上升通道完好,只要4小时的趋势通道没有被破坏,我们依然以逢低做多为主。   4、因为目前短周期缺乏攻击力度,所以市场存在回调的需求,回调之后,我们依然布局多单为主。   5、晚间公布ADP就业数据,届时金价会受到影响,震荡加剧,需要格外留意。   交易策略:   计划:1119做多,止损5美元,目标待定。   附注:   我 的交易理念、交易手法跟行业内80%的人都是不同的,因为我也是一名实盘交易者,我更懂投资者的心态,我做了19年的交易,经历了市场的风风雨雨,形成了 自己的一套技术理论,我的这套技术理论是建立在实盘操作之上的,我的主要技术手法有4种:《均线共振交易法》、《黑马回头战法》、《起爆点战法》、《乌龟 理论》,我的每一项技术,绝对可以傲视群雄。   裴瑞   2016-2-3    进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: