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People’s daily on " Environmental Protection Bureau pot back " theory: for concerted efforts, Jiangsu windows — original title: environmental problems of the playing board who (ecological Lunyuan) – associated with the improvement of the system, if there are similar "Anyang pollution incident siege" accountability, who is responsible who should step down without controversy. We not only hope that environmental protection is a problem that the board who hit him, hope all departments work together, everyone involved in environmental public governance and sharing situation to form the Henan provincial media recently, an article entitled "Anyang" pollution problem is still outstanding "siege" reported, down to Anyang by touch. In September 13th, the city of Anyang on environmental issues more prominent of the county Party committee instructed the government to write a profound examination, followed by related processing according to the progress of the work of the Commission. Anyang City Environmental Protection Bureau has been suspended over a time triggered widespread social concern. For the Environmental Protection Bureau grievance: environmental protection is a systematic project, involving many fields, involving a wide range, the media exposure of the road dust, eliminate backward production capacity is not timely, coal dust, open dumps superovulation, respectively, belong to the jurisdiction of the city management, reform, development, environmental protection, Ministry of a single department, the environmental protection bureau carry out punishment "in public" is unfair. Some people said that environmental protection bureau should be punished: Environmental Protection Bureau is a local environmental management is the highest responsible person, even if the problem is in charge of the area of various departments, but reflects the absence of environmental regulation, the Secretary has remiss performance problems, not only to be accountable, but also under the ruthless hand, a punch. The sounds are justified each one sticks to his argument. I do not want to judge who is more reasonable, but for such an argument is pleased. In the past, it seems that there is no need to argue, the vast majority of people believe that environmental protection is certainly one of the environmental protection department. Under this concept, the environmental protection department if the eight party is also bound to parry them, sometimes have to "scapegoat for others". A cadre of environmental protection take environmental protection, side Paul "post, how can you do it well intentnesses work? Today, although the party with responsibility, environmental protection departments bear its responsibility the concept has not been popular, but in the government departments at all levels of environmental protection, never mind with me "the wrong idea is reversed. The purpose of environmental protection work is to improve the quality of the environment to ensure the safety and health of the people’s survival and development. As a servant of the people, regardless of which department, has the responsibility to pay efforts for this goal. It must be pointed out that the current inertia, some departments still exist, actively grasp environmental responsibility consciousness and reality are still far. To solve this problem, it is necessary to strengthen environmental regulation on the one hand, on the other hand, the implementation of Party committees and government departments and relevant departments of environmental responsibility. The newly released "on the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform pilot work guidance", has a prescription to solve these problems, strengthen the responsibility of environmental protection of the local Party committee and government and relevant departments to become one of the highlights. "The implementation of the local Party committee and government on the ecological environment responsibility requirements" and "development)相关的主题文章: