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Photography of the primary guide _ collectors knowledge _ Sina collection _ "bird" fig Jin Daozi photo gallery in Chinese Tai Ji agent, more and more people begin to pay attention to photography collection, and want to try collection of their favorite works. We combine several years of experience in the photographic art market, in accordance with the following steps to analyze, I hope to be able to provide some reference and help for the first time into the photographic collection of friends. When we decide to start a new collection, the necessary knowledge reserves allow us to buy every piece of art with high artistic value and economic value. The source of knowledge is often the key to ensure the correctness of knowledge. The image of this new thing, the network is flooded with too much mixed or driven by interest or due to ignorance can distort the. These absurd article read only make yourself more confused, let oneself the blank areas of knowledge to add more wrong opinion. In the 2015 Photo Shanghai image exhibition, the three generation of Weston’s photography works are originated from the west. Although the introduction of China earlier, but really can scale, into the system of art photography in China is no more than twenty or thirty years of development. There are many kinds of photography according to its function, whether it is documentary photography, documentary photography or photojournalism. To determine whether the works can be classified as art collection market, we still have to see whether the artistic attributes of the collection value. The restriction of language has led us to study the theory of photography far behind the west. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more photographic historical books and theoretical books have been translated into Chinese and published. These books can help us clarify history and artists from the relations, for screening the direction of collection. The concomitant relationship between the art and art museum is the best guide leading into it. Large art museum can stand in such a long time and continue to grow and develop, in fact, mainly rely on its solid academic foundation and a strong team of experts. Pay close attention to the authority of the art institutions each year in the photographic exhibition on the arrangements for the program – to pay attention to the artist in the large art museum exhibition is undoubtedly a collection of artists in the collection of shortcuts. The authority of art institutions in the world several important almost every year will arrange some photography exhibition, the exhibition is a review of the classical masters, but also on the new artist’s recommendation, it has the same effect in the field of wind vane in. Ask to see more, carefully shot image collection is different from the painting, a painting often have several to dozens of different limited edition number. This can make us do not like the painting that must now decide whether to hand, otherwise easy to miss with your favorite works. It will take a few months to a few years to complete the entire sales of a photographic work, so it will be at least some time for us to get a better understanding of an artist and his works. Short-sighted to make money galleries often eager to sell works to the collectors, and hope that as much as possible;相关的主题文章: