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Jiang Bo Abstract global Chinese science fiction Nebula award claiming "turtle player" – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Chen Mengxi) last night, the seventh session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula award awards announced at the National Center for science fiction art library, China update representative writers "in the heart of the Milky Way River wave by 3 — light chasing shadows" by the best long fiction award. Jiang Bo is very high in the science fiction circle of fame, is the author of many best-selling works, this is the first time he received a nebula award after winning the award, Jiang Bo very happy, don’t say "I really get this award a little excited, a little shake hands, let me calm down". Jiang Bo regrets that he has been writing science fiction for 13 years, I am the tortoise and the tortoise race runner, has been climbing very slowly". Born in 1978, graduated from Tsinghua University enami microelectronics, Shanghai is now a foreign enterprise engaged in semiconductor research work while writing. Enami published 2003 "the last game debut", has been published in science fiction short stories twenty, among which "gone with the wind", "Prehistoric World Trilogy", "dance", "Shiva", "shadow light by day down at" the most popular, the representative of "Shiva dance" was has been translated into Japanese, published in science fiction magazines in japan. "I got this prize a little bit of luck, thank you very much" fantasy world "teacher Yao Haijun, without his help, I this book is not timely publication, thank Wu Yan teacher, he helped me to introduce this book on various occasions." Jiang Bo especially mentioned predecessors support, "I especially want to thank Han Song teacher, my" heart "of the Milky Way trilogy he had recommended me, especially the award-winning works to help me write an article long as the order, the senior writer for younger writers concern in my mind." The seventh global Chinese science fiction Nebula award winners are 80 and 90 after the young writers. The best science fiction short stories by science fiction writers award Chinese update "Pakistan" won the Chen Qiufan scale. Chen Qiufan was born in 1981, graduated from Peking University Department of Chinese, is China update generation of representative science fiction writer, with realism and new wave style is regarded as "China William? Gibson", his works have won many awards, the Milky Way China science fiction world Chinese science fiction Nebula Award for Best Novel Award, science fiction and fantasy translation award award award short stories at home and abroad. The new science fiction writer Zhang Ran’s "the sun fall" and "chimera". Gu won the best science fiction novella award. "I always thought that, at first, I wrote science fiction to write for myself, then I thought it was for them to write, and finally I found that I wrote to you." Zhang Ran in winning the prize after the special thanks has encouraged his readers, Zhang ran several years work brisk performance, award-winning, October 2015, he works with "a year of great famine" won the sixth Nebula Award for best novella award, the award that he won the best novella rare. After 90 young writer Zhou Jingzhi’s "star meteorite 3 — the desert wolf and the princess" won the best children’s fiction book award. Won the best science fiction Editor Gold Medal, Singapore Chinese science fiction writer Hu Shaoyan won the most"相关的主题文章: