Pingdingshan Yexian County police killed two elderly police said the Department of traffic accident

Pingdingshan Yexian County police killed two elderly said the police department traffic accident original title: Henan Yexian County police killed two people 1 people were arrested in the police department said the traffic accident in Zhengzhou in September 14, Xinhua (reporter Dong Fei) for network transmission Henan province Yexian County police killed two elderly night driving incident, the Yexian County police 14 to reporters to be confirmed and said the driver has been arrested. According to the Yexian County Traffic Police Brigade accident squadron "notice" shows that August 19, 2016 at 21:17 PM, Kang Yu D5739 alarm driving small ordinary bus traveling from south to north to Yexian County Xuanwu Avenue North of the intersection of 100 meters Road and cross the road, Xu and Zhao Moulian even driving bicycle collided, causing Xu even died, Zhao Moulian was injured. Zhao Moulian died after rescue. "Inform book" shows that the driver of a public security police department of Yexian County public security bureau. From the identity information point of view, the two hit lady is now over five or six years old. In September 14th, director of the Political Department of the Yexian County Public Security Bureau police officer Zhang told reporters that this is happening on duty in a traffic accident, was escorted illegal personnel. Later, the local commission for Discipline Inspection, Police Inspectors and other departments set up a joint working group. Local police department at the scene of the police officers were detected, found no drinking behavior. A police officer told reporters that the accident in the car driver Kang Department of Police Association (an auxiliary police), which bears some responsibility, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations have to arrest them. The other police officers handling the accident on the situation, it has not been revealed. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the police car should be driven by the unit belongs to the police officer, holding a motor vehicle driver’s license and the people’s police card. Zhang police officer, the police have reached a compensation agreement with a family of the deceased, the other is being negotiated. (end) (China News Network)相关的主题文章: