Play Pokemon go killed 9 year old pupils of Japanese truck drivers mycoolboy

Japanese truck drivers play "killed" Pokemon GO since the 9 year old pupils "Pokemon Go" on-line hot at the same time controversial, because the game has caused many traffic accidents. According to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on October 27th, 26 days, 1 traffic accidents occurred in Japan Aichi Ichinomiya City Road, the cause of the accident was the driver to play "Pokemon Go" do not look at the road. Walking in a crosswalk at the age of 9 primary school students in grade 4 was 1.5 ton truck hit to death. Aichi police announced on the 27 day, on suspicion of violating the "driving death penalty law" on the grounds that the truck driver, the suspect Sichuan letter right arrest scene. It is reported that, in the face of the police investigation, the suspect confessed that he was at the time playing Pokemon Go, did not see the situation in front, when driving, will start App, etc.. County police believe that the reason for this accident is that the driver does not pay attention to observe the front, the suspect is currently on the smartphone forensics.相关的主题文章: